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The Baby Pillow Review


I received the parcel for the baby pillow the other day, got confused by how light it felt then I realised the pillow was tiny compared to the big box it was delivered in. Image

The pillow is small but breathable, I read through the instructions first and was told to wash it at 60 degrees first.  I did this.

Once dried I personally tested the breathability which was amazing.

The pillow is meant to help avoid or reduce the flattening of the head which comes from a baby having to sleep on its back and not wanting to go on tummy for play.

It does feel comfortable and pretty soft and my son didn't seem to mind lying his head on it.

The instructions are clear though and in a few different languages plus a few simple picture diagrams

The only problem I can see is that it's not really suitable for active babies as they wouldn't stay on it all night but it is recommended for babies from birth to 12 months.  My son played with it more than laid on it but that could change over time and if we had used it from birth.  I've only tested this for a short period of time but I will continue to use it and my son doesn't seem to mind it.  It's definately breathable, it seems comfortable enough but my son is a fidget bum who is 6 months old so I am wondering if the benefit will be as great.   Definately worth a try if a parent wants to avoid their baby getting a flattening of the head but does need to be started at birth.

I'd rate it a 3.5 out of 5

Price £19.90 -

Purchase here


Theraline's Comments:  The product is for newborns onwards, (to use from the start), The Baby Pillow has been carefully designed to preserve baby’s natural head shape avoiding flat head syndrome.   Utilising a simple and unique design it ensures baby’s safety and comfort at all times, and is anatomically shaped using a perforated high-tech fabric to support baby’s delicate head evenly and effectively. Unlike other pillows, it's designed using three different types of breathable fabric, and maintains an even temperature around the head. It’s the first of its kind not to use memory foam which can lead to overheating, suffocation and the breathing of dangerous fumes.  The high-tech ‘open’ fabric is equally effective should baby turn his head into the pillow’s pre-shaped hollow. 


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