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Baco Rainbow products are designed to be convenient and mess-free for you. And because kids love the bright colours and fun characters, they’re more likely to eat what you’ve packed them, rather than be tempted by unhealthy snacks from the tuck shop or vending machine, giving you peace of mind!

 Baco Rainbow products are available from all major supermarkets and can usually be found in the ‘Foil’ aisle.

Foil – 99p per roll    Sandwich bags – 99p per box     Snack Bags - £1.29 per packet


The Baco Rainbow range is designed specifically with children in mind. Presenting food in bright, dazzling food bags and wraps enables parents to maximise the appeal of home prepared food, packed for eating-on-the-go.  This puts control back into parent’s hands when it comes to providing healthy snacks and meals, giving peace of mind, especially when they can't be there to oversee what their children are eating.


To provide further inspiration for children and parents alike, the interactive website is crammed with games, puzzles and stories to delight and entertain children young (and old!), whilst delivering an underlying message about how to achieve a healthy balanced diet - and have wholesome fun along the way!

Baco Rainbow Island is also a great resource for parents. Research carried out by Baco suggests that three quarters of parents want more inspiration about what to put in packed lunches to keep children interested. To help busy parents provide perfect packed lunches, Baco is spotlighting recipe ideas from the Food Standards Agency, in addition to providing hints and tips for creating healthy meals on-the-go.

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s….   Baco Rainbow Week

Totz2teens Member Reviews

Rainbow Foil - 99p per roll

"On seeing this foil I was delighted.  I knew my son would instantly be attracted to it and would want to take it to school to show off.  I was right.  We did it as a surprise and yes he was laughing about it when he came home.  From a Mummy's perspective the foil was bright and fun.  It was a decent quality foil which meant when I had folded the flapjack in the foil and realised I had done it wrong I was able to undo it and start again.  I am sure that many many children will like this wrap and on seeing the other products that are also done in the range I can again see myself purchasing the snack bags too."  rating: 5/5

"I tested the foil and found it to be a strong but snazzy foil.  I am however used to having longer pack sizes and this was only 5m which didnt last long - or maybe it was because I was wrapping all sorts up!" 3/5

"I secretly wrapped my sons sandwiches up in this foil.  Unfortunately he wasn't impressed which surprised me.  He is 10 and said that he was too old!  How someone can be too old for fun wrap like this I dont know.  But as a parent the quality was lovely and I thought it was really worth having - shame I havent any younger children to test it on now!"  4/5 - I liked it!!

"I love the cats and dogs print on this rainbow foil.  The quality of the foil was good too which was pleasing.  My children enjoyed having their sandwiches wrapped in this foil and I will most likely purchase some more for treats."  5/5

"We tested the Baco Rainbow food wrap which was covered with a dinosaur print.  It has the most adorablely cute dinosaur on which was fun to look at.  My son had his 6th Birthday party at the weekend so we tested it out on wrapping up the birthday cake.  We found that it was well received by the children. We found that the quality of the product was good and I would be happy to buy it again.  5/5

Totz2teens comment:  It appears that the Baco Food Wrap was well received and I too saw the prints on the wrap and think they look lovely.  From the ratings received it appears that it was generally a well received product and one that totz2teens is happy to recommend.



Rainbow Snack Bags -£1.29 for 20 small resealable bags
Fun Printed Bags for kids!  Each bag is printed with one of the rainbow characters.  Fab for chopped fruit and vegetables.  Great for biscuits, nuts, crisps and cheese or ideal for a few treats. 

Totz2teens Review:  I found these to be very useful bags.  Firstly the fact that the actual outer bag is resealable so you dont loose the bags in the drawer (which happens to me often).  Each bag is just the right size for a snack.  I put in a couple of pieces of flapjack and that was fine.  The bag has a lovely picture of one of the Rainbow Island characters such as Woody the hedgehog.  Each bag has a panel to write a name on too which is handy.  I found quite a few uses for these bags.  My eldest son needed some plasters and tissues for a trip so I used one of these bags successfully knowing it is resealable.  I will definately be buying these again as they were very handy and easy for my son to open and close.  Ideal if they dont want to eat it all there and then but save it for the walk home which I know my child likes to do sometimes.  I can think of a thousand and one uses for these bags. 5/5

Rainbow Sandwich Bags - 99p per box
Pack some fun with your kids lunch!  Bright coloured bags and fantastic stickers you know they'll love!

Totz2teens Review
:  Eager to use - My child was very keen to use these bags.  The choosing of the sticker to put on the bag took slightly long but now I know its going to be a major decision I know to allocate a little more time for this!  The box containing the bags is well thought out.  It opens so that you can gain access to the bags easily.  There are a variety of coloured bags in the box and a page of stickers to hold the sandwich bag folded down.  I can see that these bags can be used for other purposes. The packaging suggests party bags - not sure about that but ideal for the cake though.  Compared to other sandwich bags I thought these were well made and a nice treat for your child or family member as I am all for giving fun things to older children and adults too!!! 4/5


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