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Bobux Step Up Shoes Review
The original baby & toddler footwear that combines nature with nurture

From birth to three, little feet undergo an enormous amount of change. Whether crawling, toddling or walking, a child’s footwear needs to support healthy, natural development. 

Bobux, a leading New Zealand innovator in children’s footwear, draws on both science and working with globally renowned specialists and natural health researchers to create eco-friendly footwear that allows unrestricted development as babies and toddlers grow.

To view the entire collection visit www.bobux.co.uk Prices start from £19

From the moment my parcel of shoes arrived I knew that Bobux cared about my child's feet.  A very useful little bobux bag The shoes arrived in a simple well prepared box (A box that the shoes can be put back in after my son has grown out of them - Those first walking shoes are keepers after all aren't they. 

The shoes I have are the same as in the picture to the right. 

They are beautifully crafted. Soft enough to not cause harm but firm enough to support.  The stitching throughout is both decorative and supportive.

The base of the shoes has plenty of grip.   I like that the size of the shoe is also imprinted on the base as well as printed inside.

My son was very happy to put the shoes on and there have not been any complaints nor any sore bits.

I feel his feet are definitely being nurtured. 

I love that Bobux do a great range of shoes for each stage of my babies development showing that different things need to be considered for each step.

I am very pleased with these shoes and would be very pleased to recommend them.





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