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Bold 2in1Pearls Review

Our project with Bold's 2in1 Pearls

As part of a Savvy Circle project I was chosen to receive a box of Bold 2in1 Pearls to try out and tell everyone about.

I have used Bold 2in1 for some time so I wasnt frightened to use a different product as i have found it very reliable and reasonably priced washing detergent/softener. 

My favourite scent has always been Lavender and Camomile as I love the smell it leaves in my washing afterwards.   I have to say I wondered what difference the new product would make with the addiitonal Lenor but I was pleasantly surprised.

My washing smells so much better. 

Each pearl is mixed with a touch of Lenor Fibre Care giving an even more luxurious experience to my washing. 

The reason I will continue to use pearls is that they are so easy to use.  I can pop a pearl into the washing machine and set it to go.  I don't have to get bits of powder in any sore bits on my fingers and I don't have to mess around with fabric conditioner either which is a real bonus.  

The washing comes out beautifully washed but if I had one issue it is that the outer does not always dissolve.   I am not sure why this is.   Perhaps it falls to the front of the washing machine during its cycle.  It doesn't just happen when say I use it, it happens when my son does too.  Yes its that simple to use - my teenage son can use the machine easily with no mess. 

I have now bought the peony & cherry blossom scented pearls and these are lovely too and I can really tell that the scent stays fresh for longer and I am able to smell the clothing as I get it out of the wardrobe which I love.

Overall I am chuffed as punch to have reviewed the Bold 2in1 Pearls and I will continue to purchase them regularly.



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