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Cadbury has brought together a brilliant combination of the much-loved Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate buttons with the creamy Cadbury white chocolate buttons in one delicious sharing bag. This partnership of both flavours is the ultimate sharing treat, perfect for milk chocolate and white chocolate lovers alike! 

The new bitesize sharing bag is ideal for sharing at home during quality family time in the evening or for those on-the-go occasions and are available at all major supermarkets.*

Matthew Williams, Marketing Director for chocolate at Mondelēz International, said: Its great that we finally bring together these delicious flavours and combine both milk and white chocolate buttons. The brand new sharing bag is the ideal treat for families to enjoy together and will allow our fans to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

For more information visit www.facebook.com/cadburydairymilkuk or tweet us @CadburyUK using #freethejoy.

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of bags of mixed buttons to try.  Well it would have been rude not to do so wouldn't it.

I actually found it quite hard not to separate the colours before eating.  I didn't realise I would be the sort of person to do that as I always felt I was a sort of chaotic style whirlwind rather than organised in that way. 

I did of course mix a few mouthfuls of the sneaky handful that I managed to get away with without anyone noticing.  (including the dog and the rabbits who all looked at me - judging me, I am sure)

There is something incredibly delectable about Cadburys Dairy Milk Buttons.  The pleasure that melting chocolate in your mouth provides especially if eating at the same time as having a hot drink.  I am a lover of both milk and white chocolate so this was a wonderful mix for me.  Am i bothered about them being mixed like this I don't know.  Perhaps I will have to buy some more to find out.  I would love to hear your opinions too. 




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