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Travelling in the car with children!

Here are some top tips to help you on your way:
1.  To keep your car healthy it’s important to keep on top of everything.  Check fluid levels regularly (water, oil, brake etc) to keep your engine running smoothly so you’ll be ready for those longer journeys.  Also, check your tyre pressure.  Not only will this help promote greater fuel efficiency, it will help ensure your car is running to it’s best ability and of course allow your tyres to last just a bit longer.
2.  Consider adding a DVD player, it will be worth the investment! There’s no better way to keep the kids amused on long journeys than by letting them watch a movie from the backseat.  With the addition of headphones for each child, they can enjoy cinema sound while you and your partner drive on without interruption.

3.  There’s nothing worse than spending time in an untidy car on a long journey.  So why not treat yourself to a full valet before you head off, after all a clean car is a treat for everyone.  Then complement your newly immaculate motor with Ambi Pur Car air fresheners. You can experience five refreshing fragrances in a unique compact device, available in three stylish colours, that fits firmly onto your dashboard. Simply clip the Ambi Pur diffuser and perfume bottle onto your car’s ventilation system, adjust to your preferred perfume strength, and enjoy an aromatic journey with aromas that will last up to 60 days.

Whatever your mood, you’ll find an Ambi Pur Car air freshener to complement your motor. Each is made with real liquid perfume for a superior scent; try the latest fragrance Breathe Easy – an uplifting cocktail of eucalyptus and mint designed to help you experience a fresh cooling sensation.  In addition, you can experience Ambi Pur Car in Pacific Air, Vanilla, Anti Tobacco and For Her, which has a feminine pink device!
4.  If map reading isn’t your best skill then investing in a sat nav is a must to ensure you don’t get lost.  After all, a weekend away is supposed to be relaxing! There’s an array of options on the market offering different levels of detail and also the option to change the voice of the directions.  And, if you’re heading to an area for the first time, sat navs are great for finding the nearest petrol stations, restaurants and local attractions.
5.  If you are happy to read in the car, make sure you stock up with the latest magazines before embarking on a long journey so your passengers won’t notice the journey time.  And, what’s more, they’ll have lots to talk about as they pore through the latest gossip and tips.  Also, invest in a selection of good maps and guidebooks to help you find your way around your destination.  


  • Ambi Pur Car air fresheners are available in a new stylish device, with three colours options and five fragrances, made with real liquid perfume:

  > Anti Tobacco – is made with natural extracts and helps to neutralise bad odours whilst leaving a fresh fragrance of cedar wood and mint
    > Breathe Easy – an uplifting fragrance of eucalyptus and mint designed to help you experience a fresh cooling sensation
    > For Her – a light and feminine fragrance with a floral elegance and a touch of peach for a sophisticated aroma
    > Pacific Air – a crisp and light fragrance inspired by a seaside drive and a fresh morning breeze
    > Vanilla – a fresh exotic fragrance of sweet vanilla pods and flowers inspired by a sunset drive on a tropical island

  • Ambi Pur Car air fresheners are £3.99 (RRP) for a starter unit and £2.79 (RRP) for a refill and last up to 60 days (based on average driving and temperature conditions)
  • Available from all good supermarkets, forecourts and Halfords


Totz2teens Review:  I tried out the Ambi Pur For Her Floral & Seductive air freshener for the car.  The smell is very nice and it was such a pleasure to open the car door and be hit by a clean smell, so soft and florally - it made me feel like the car was clean and tidy (even though it wasn't!!)  I love the pink casing with flowers and its just so perfect for any woman - its just girly which appeals to many including me.  I will definately buy a refill when this runs out.  Its great and the prices seem ok for the product too. 

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

I was given the Breathe Easy Eucalyptus & Mint car freshener.  The unit is neat and being black doesn't stick out like a sore thumb on the dashboard.  The unit seems good quality and fits together easily.  I liked the freshness of the smell but unfortunately the children weren't so keen and said it stunk!!!  I felt it was a nice fresh zingy smell which certainly woke me up when I got in the car.  I was personally really pleased with it and loved the minty freshness.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


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