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Clinica Tissue Oil Review

Clinica tissue oil is a unique blend of oils which soothe and nourish skin and nails. With regular use and the correct massage procedure Clinicaź tissue oil helps return elasticity to sagging and wrinkled skin. The result would be an appearance of a toned and firmer skin

Clinicaź tissue oil specially formulated product, highly recommended for:

- Ageing skin
- Blemished skin
- Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
- Scar tissue treatment
- Before and after pregnancy massage oil
- After sun treatment
- Dry, dehydrated skin conditions
- Therapeutic bath oil
- Assists in retaining the natural balance of oils and moisture in the skin
- Safe for all ages


Totz2teens Review: After having 2 children and losing a lot of weight I was left with a huge amount of excess skin.  I was lucky to be able to save up and eventually have a Tummy Tuck done.  Of course with this comes an enormous scar from hip to hip which was very bright red and angry as to be expected.  Since my operation I have religiously applied oil and I have undergone a 6 month regime with Clinica tissue oil.  The scars of course would have faded naturally but this has very much helped the process.  It has meant my skin has stayed supple and soft too.  I have been using Clinica Tissue oil all over my body - Before using the oil I would not get my arms out because I had many under the skin spots believed to be Keratosis pilaris.  Since using this oil I have been pleased to say that the appearance of the bumps seems much more acceptable.  They are no longer red.  At the same operation I had my breasts enlarged too so I have been using the Clinica Oil on these too to ensure the skin stays fresh plus massaging the scars. 

I have used the oil to moisturize my legs too but of course the main area is my stomach.  My new' belly button had 'Mickey Mouse' ears shaped scar in addition to the scar all the way around - This is now a light pink/white and the 'ears' are fading really incredibly well as I was worried about that area.  My large scar across had some areas where I got infections after the operation.  Although I knew my scar would not be as sleek as perhaps we had hoped I am pleased to report that the oil makes a huge difference.  If I haven't applied it I can feel everywhere feeling tight and uncomfortable whereas using the oil creates a smooth stomach and a much less aggressive scar.

I can dress almost immediately after applying the oil as it is absorbed well and does not leave you with a greasy feel to the skin.  This makes it ideal for every day use.

I will continue to use the oil because I have found that I am very pleased with the overall results and the feel of my skin. 

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

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