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Comfort Blankets Review
The Original Blanky is the No. 1 comfort blanket for babies and is the perfect alternative to a toy or dummy. Our experience has shown that babies love the comforting touch of satin and combined with super soft fleece,  the blanky is simply irresistible.


Totz2teens Member Review:
The comfort blanket is gorgeous, when it arrived I couldn't wait to have a feel of it, the packaging was lovely would make a lovely gift for a new baby.

When I opened the packaging I wasn't disappointed one side is pink satin & the other was a lovely fleecy/furry cow print (quite trendy) it is very well made & the tags are lovely too all different types of ribbon sewed all the way around they edge of the blanket.Image

I gave it to my daughter & straight away she loved it she stroked it then rubbed it on her face then started to play with the tags.
We took it shopping with us the other day & got quite a few comments on what a lovely comforter it was.

Washing is great it has been washed about 4 times so far and the best thing it dries really quickly. So can get it washed & dried before her afternoon nap.

When she is getting tired she rubs it on her nose.

Thanks again for choosing us, the picture is my daughter lying on the sofa with her comfort blanket just after her afternoon nap.

So I will give the comfort blanket 5/5

Great to wash, great to cuddle & lovely to look at. Does the job great.

Totz2teens Comments:
We are so pleased that you loved the Loopy Blanket from www.comfortblankets.co.uk. 
It sounds a really lovely blanket and by the looks of the picture your daughter really likes it too.  Bless her.

Cow print loopy with pink or blue satin

Why not have a look at the fabulous designs and buy your very own loopy blanket
visit comfort blankets.

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