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      Count on it....

Count On It® is an easy to use, versatile, scratch-off food freshness label that tells you at a glance if you food is still fresh and safe to eat, or if it should be thrown away.

Count On It® simply, yet effectively helps you track how long food has been stored, so you can get the most out of the product secure in the knowledge it is fresh and safe to eat, whilst reducing unnecessary food waste and your grocery bills.

Just peel, stick, scratch and track – Count On It® to remind you.

Count On It® … to save you time, effort, money and waste.

Find our more information and purchase from count on it here       £1.99 + P&P

Totz2teens Member Reviews
When I was told about these little stickers I was impressed with the idea.  I was looking forward to trying them out.  What a pleasure.  They come in a nice little dispenser box which fits nicely in the fridge.  I was batch cooking some mince meals so I knew this was a good opportunity to use them.  They stick well to the plastic container which is great and seem to stay stuck in the freezer too.  I have also used them on bacon, melon, ham and much more. I had cut some onion up and was surprised at how long I had left it in the fridge.  It certainly made me think.  I would be happy to buy them again and I think they are a great idea.  5/5

Count on it comes with 25 stickers in a box.  They are a scratch off self-adhesive label which has space to scratch off the month and date.  The dispenser is really helpful and the stickers come off easily.  I mainly tried them out on fresh foods in the fridge and they seem a lovely item and very helpful.  They do scratch quite easily but this didn't seem to be a problem and I was definately still able to see the correct date.    4/5

We tried the Count on it scratch stickers .  They are a very useful sticker that you scratch off the date you open a packet or jar.  Then you are able to see if you have had it in the fridge for a bit too long!!!!!  I personally found this useful on things like ham that I am never sure how long a particular pack has been open for.  Using them was easy and a little scratch gives a great visual.  I was happy to use them and would be pleased to recommend them to other people too.  4/5



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