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Web based Cuddly Cosy Baby company (www.cuddlycosybaby.co.uk) have just launched two new, eco friendly baby slings to their existing range of carriers, baby clothes, shoes, toys and accessories.  

Cuddly Cosy Baby company have launched the Eco Fleece Baby Sling and Organic Cotton Baby Sling worth £29.95 but on offer at £27 for April and May 2008.

 The Eco Fleece Baby Sling is made from Polartec ® fleece, 85% of which comes from recycled plastic. It comes in a Natural Beige colour. 

The Organic Cotton Baby Sling is made from fabric grown by farmers paid a fair wage.  Its lighter weight makes it ideal for the coming summer month.  It can be ordered in either Dusky Pink or Pale Blue and comes in its own jute, re-useable shopping bag.

Both slings are kind to the environment, perform brilliantly and all of the Cuddly Cosy Baby Carrier range are manufactured on the company’s own premises in North Devon, in an environmentally aware process.

Totz2teens Reviews
I tested the Organic Cotton Baby Sling.  On arrival I noticed how lovely it was packaged in a very useful natural bag. 
A sturdy card was enclosed information on babywearing and some of the different positions you can carry your baby.  The actual carrier is a beautiful soft pink.  The material is so divinely  touchable and perfect for a newborn or much older child.  The Carrier is certainly big enough to cover ALL the stages that you will need it for which I thought  was very good as most baby products are actually only used for a few months then the child grows out of it. 

The idea of babycarrying is very interesting.  I started feeling quite daunted by the task ahead.  Will my baby be supported enough?  Will I be able to let go?  Will she get in the way?   My fears were quickly wiped away.  It is different but not difficult and certainly worth trying.   My main worry was making sure I tied the knot safely and securely.

Placing the carrier on I managed to place my precious bundle into the sling.  She was a little wriggly and it felt odd not holding her completely but it was quite comforting knowing I had my hands free.

I am really pleased that Ive been allowed to try the Cuddly cosy baby Carrier.  My husband also tried it out with success.  He said there shouldn't be any mistaking that she is a girl in the pretty pink sling. 

On the instructions I would have liked to see a picture from the back so that I knew a bit more that I had the positioning of everything right.

I think the tummy to tummy style felt the best but will certainly try out the others too.

I am extremely happy to recommend the Cuddly Cosy Baby Carrier as its a lovely product.

Totz2teens Member Rating: 9/10  Bit more help on instructions but otherwise a fabulous system.


I tested the Eco Fleece Baby Sling.  

It's made from 85% recycled plastic bottles! I thought it would be horrible material but it is so soft and warm to the skin on a cool day and cool on a warm day. 

The packaging was ok but I thought the information that came with it (on the different positions) could've been a lot better. I would've like a lot more pictures or photos to show what it looks like from the back etc. I checked on their website but they showed no pictures or photos at all which I found a bit annoying. So I think this side needs to be developed more, so as baby grows I can always go back to it to see the next stage of positions. 

I tested the sling with my 11 month old baby. As he's a very nosey active baby he didn't like the lie down positions but we found the "on the hip" the best one for both of us.

I got a good test of it when I used it on a day out with the family to a stately home. We couldn't use the pram due to the stairs so we used the sling in the hip position. I've got to say it was an absolute godsend!! When I first put it on I realised that the material pulls tight and gives quite a lot. So it went slack very easily and had to be tightened a few times until I realised it needed to be tied higher up my chest and as tight as I can tie it so as the weight of my baby went down it fell into just the right place and stayed there all afternoon. I felt that it was very secure from then on. It was a very hot day and I we both felt very comfortable and It didn't feel too hot. I was able to have my hands free which was fine although I did feel more secure just placing my hand on his back (as he has a habit of getting giddy and throwing himself back!) 

I also let my friend who has a 4 month old baby try it. She too found it a bit fiddly to start with, but once she got the hang of it she found the lie down position ideal for when she's breast feeding and running around after her other daughter! 

Overall I though it was a very good carrier. I've tried other carriers before but this was better in that it is made from mainly recycled products. I just wish that the price wasn't more expensive than the "normal" cosy carrier. If I were buying one, I'd probably go for the cheaper one. I also loved the colour too as a soft beige colour would most of my clothes. I would've like more position ideas online as with a baby and a toddler I haven't the time to sit down and work out new ones for myself. 

I would definitely recommend these to other mums. 8/10 for the sling & 5/10 for the provided information


Totz2teens says:  The Cuddly Cosy Baby carrier appears to have been a hit with both reviewers.  The materials used are clever and resourceful.  To an experienced baby carrier the instructions wouldn't have mattered but to a newbie perhaps a little more information would be a bonus.  Overall a very successful review of a lovely product.








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