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Dribbly Dudes bandana bibs
Test & Review


Dribbly-dudes are makers of the bandana bib being tested by totz2teens.   They are a small company specialising in making high quality bandana bibs for Dribbly babies, older tots and special needs Children.

Having had a very Dribbly baby they tried most bandana's on the market and keen to make a bandana bib that is good value but also a fun item of clothing to wear!

The Bandana bibs are backed in high quality terry towelling making them very absorbent, they tie with a knot at the back so they fit all sizes. We have not put plastic in them as we have found this is uncomfortable and results in the dribbles running on to the clothes underneath.

Dribbly-Dudes have sourced fun good quality fabrics for their Limited edition' bandana bib collection and traditional ginghams for their 'Classic collection' bandana bibs. The 'Limited Edition' bandana bib will be changing regularly and will include seasonal additions.

To visit Dribbly Dudes please visit here



Two Totz2teens members have been given the opportunity to test the Dribbly-Dudes Bandana Bibs.  They were sent some bibs each and asked to test them out on their children.  The results of their studies are here for you to see.

Member Review:

1. Style (5/5)
2. Quality (5/5)
3. Ability to collect food/dribble (3/5)
4. Washability (5/5)

Age of child testing the Dribbly Dude?  9 months

Would you recommend it and why yes/not?
I would recommend it as its stylish, is great for collecting food, dribbles and is very absorbent.

Things you liked about the Dribbly-dudes bib?

It looked like it was a part of the clothing my daughter was wearing. It collected the dribbles from teething and didn't soak through the bib.

Anything you disliked?
They could do with some Velcro at the back where it ties as it loosens up and it gathered round my daughters face and sometimes fell off.
It wasn't very long where it tied, dont think my daughter will get much more use out of them as its going to be to small to use.

How did you find using the bandana style?
It was easier to use as it collected food! with traditional bibs the food falls on the babies lap and gets the clothes in a mess. My daughter never tried to pull it off and she normally pulls her normal bibs off.

Any other comments?
When it arrived it came very well packaged. It also was in lovely packaging "great as a gift".

Member Review:

1.  Style  =  5 for looks but 3 for usability - So a 4? 

2.  Quality   = 5 
3.  Ability to collect food/dribble    = 3 
4.  Washability   = 5
Age of child testing the Dribbly Dude - 4

Would you recommend it and why yes/not?
It certainly looks good, the train one is lovely.  They'd be nice for special occasions, parties or going out.  By that I don't mean they can't be used at home, but I would find normal soft `over the head` bibs a lot easier to use.  It did absorb liquid very well but if very wet there is no protection against the Childs clothing.

Things you liked/disliked about the Dribbly-dudes bib?
I hate to say reasons I wouldn't recommend but I have a few.  I found having to tie a knot quite fiddly, then having to adjust the bandana to look nice.  It depends on the size of the child as to how it rests and has to be adjusted.  I do think it may be difficult to put this on a small baby (turn baby over to tie knot?) I think in the summer this may be `hot` to wear as it is quite fitting round the neck.  Also not sure the knot at the back would be comfortable if child was lied down - though I couldn't test that. 
After an initial few drips running down the bib and slowly soaking in, it gradually got much better and quicker at absorbing - in fact it did absorb a lot but it eventually goes right through to the back (which is touching Childs top clothes) 
I did like the `look` but would find these a bit of a hassle to use.  Great for special occasions/dressing up IMO.  If you had to buy a few it's quite expensive too!   To be honest I found using the bandana style awkward and my usual towel bibs are much easier and cheaper.  As the bandana sort of wrinkles up to get the look, it does have `catch areas` for dropped food and dribble (does that make sense? lol)

I'd expect celebrities/rich people to use these (Sorry - that is what I think!)  They are very well made and great quality, also they washed and tumble dried very well.


Totz2teens comments:  Overall the ratings came out really well for the Dribbly-dudes bandana style bibs.  Its hard when there is a new concept of something traditional to know how you are going to get on with it but it was great to be able to test them out and learn about something new.  The bibs create a great different looking essential item like the bib.  Totz2teens thinks that this is a stylish accessory and great for outings and events when you want your child to look the bees knees. 

The totz2teens rating for this product is 4.5/5

Dribbly-Dudes says:  Thank you for the reviews.  We have tried every type and velcro does not fit at all well.  With the tie you can get a good custom fit for the child.  Dribbly Dudes say that they do not recommend leaving any bib on a sleeping baby.  (Totz2teens of course agrees with this common sense approach.)

Totz2teens Tester - Isnt she lovely!

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