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Eco Washing Lines - Mrs Peggs Handy Line

Eco Washing Lines  was formed in early 2006 to offer UK and European customers environmentally friendly washing line products, accessories and information on how a washing line can help make a difference in the fight against climate change.

One of the main goals of Eco Washing lines is to help educate people in the use of washing lines, as we feel this small piece of household equipment can help make a difference in home energy requirements, which saves money for the home owner and also helps the planet at the same time.

Eco Washing lines are offering one lucky person a fabulous prize that can be used indoors and outside too - The small Handy Line.  Its brilliant. 

The Mrs Peggs Handy Line is a brilliant new portable indoor and outdoor washing line just released in the UK and is perfect for small or compact living situations or anywhere a portable washing line is needed.

Ultra-strong and very lightweight, the HANDY LINE is built to handle tough weather conditions and the normal rough and tumble of everyday living.

It is designed for durability - every nut, bolt and washer is stainless steel, the main bar, cross bars and legs are powder coated (oven treatment) aluminium and the washing line is PVC covered plaited fiber (not plastic coated wire) making the Handy Line weather and rust proof.

During the winter and wet weather times the Handy Line can be used indoors to capitalize on indoor heating, so your washing is lovely and dry by morning, plus its also nice for working people to come home to dry washing.

By using the benefits the Mrs Peggs Handy Line offers, you can reduce or eliminate the use of an electric dryer resulting in huge savings on energy bills, your clothing lasts longer and you are helping the environment at the same time.

Backed by a full 2 year guarantee, the Mrs Peggs Handy Line really is your ideal washing line for inside or outside use.

To find out more about this line and the other fabulous products please visit Eco Washing Lines here

Totz2teens Review:  This Review was from a competition winner:

With an active five-year-old daughter – who loves painting, mud and mushy, sticky food more than anything – I find myself doing a LOT of washing. And a lot of drying. And with the unreliable British weather and no tumble dryer, that means damp clothes hanging around over radiators all day.

I’ve tried indoor airers before, but they all have the same drawbacks: either too flimsy to take a full load of washing, too cramped to allow for even drying or too bulky for indoor use. So I was naturally sceptical about the Handy Line, the website made a lot of claims about the product that I’d heard all too often before: lightweight, spacious, easy to assemble and durable – you might say I wasn’t expecting anything I hadn’t seen a dozen times before. But I have to admit the Handy Line surprised me right from the second I opened the robust box. The framework was sturdy and VERY well constructed and snapped into place with the minimum effort to form a solid structure that even stood up to 6 cats and an inquisitive little girl! Even the drying lines were heavyweight and took the weight of a load of wet bath towels with only the slightest bowing, and it is big enough to take 3 full loads of washing.

I have used this line almost everyday since I received it! I’m converted, no more namby-pamby airers for me!

I would recommend this Handy Line to anyone who find themselves short a few radiators. It is even durable enough for outdoor use, so while you have the bed sheets on the line you can hang another 2 loads on the Handy Line, I am really amazed by this simple, yet effective piece of ‘necessary’ equipment. I wouldn’t be without one.

I have the small airer which weighs 2.6kg, it has 10 metres of line space, it is easy to use with quick-locking mechanism, and folds flat for easy storage.

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