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Femme Elite   £59.99

The fabulous Femme Elite is designed for all your feminine needs. Using the latest technology, this 3-in-1 unit can be used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, relieve back or period pain, or tone your abdominal and thigh muscles. Depending on your needs just choose between the 3 pre-set modes.
At just 6.9cm, the Femme Elite is women's must have accessory; lightweight and discreet, it can be carried in your handbag or worn under your clothes without anyone knowing! | Pelvic Floor Stimulator | Tens Pain Reliever AND | EMS Muscle Toner



Mark out of 5

Comments (please make any notes here that you feel relevant)


What was your initial impression of the Femme Elite Unit? 

Small, nicely packaged, lots of clear instructions

Did you find the Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief booklet supplied with this unit  useful? 4/5 The leaflet was really useful.  It helped explain about TENS.  The clear pictures of where to place the electrodes was so helpful and showing so many different areas of pain that the TENS machine can help with.  
Were the instructions clear and concise? 4/5 Assembly was easy peasy. The instructions that are included IN the box are basic but clear.  It follows the different modes that the unit can be used for.  
What do you think of the packaging? 4/5 Everything was packaged well, Very neatly fits into a small lilac bag.  The box was small and discreet too.  

How effective was the Femme Elite PFS – Pelvic Floor Pre-set toner


 The probe was easy to connect and easy to use.  I maintained a 60 minute programme for a continued period.  I haven’t noticed that there is any tightness in my Pelvic Floor although I know I must be doing something.  I will continue to use it to hopefully encourage it to all keep together.  The probe tended to slip out a bit so laying down helped.  I didn’t notice this changing throughout the period of time that I have tested it. 


How effective was the Femme Elite EMS – Muscle toner


 I think perhaps I have too much untoned muscle for it to actually make a real difference but I like the idea that it is trying to work the muscles.  The feeling is a little odd but I assume that means its working ok so continue with it anyway.


How effective was the Femme Elite TENS mode

3.5 /5

 My pain that I was trying to use this for was my knee.  I do believe that it is doing something whilst it is on but as it is doing funny pricky feelings I think it defers from the pain – which of course is good.  I tried it on my shoulder and again I think it helped a bit which is a relief.


Did you find the adhesive pads easy to place on your body and were they effective?


The instructions were very good and clear so I know where to place the pads.  They were very sticky which kept them secure.  They also came off perfectly fine too.


Did you find the Femme Elite unit allowed you to remain mobile whilst still receiving pain relief, EMS or PFS?

4 /5

Most of it yes.  Although when using PFS I did find the probe moved out of place.


What ailments did you use the TENS mode for?


Knee pain.  Shoulder pain caused by muscular strain


Did you find the Pelvic Floor Stimulator mode effective?  Did this help with any incontinence problems?


Yes I found this good – improvement could perhaps take longer so I give it benefit of doubt.


Did the PFS mode help with  other pelvic problems?




Did you find the EMS muscle toning mode effective


Yes – again this was difficult to gauge how effective but it is definitely worth trying


What do you think of the quality of the product?


 The unit is petit but easy to handle, the clip is neat but sturdy and the leads are definately long enough (but not too long) to reach from the desired placing of the electrodes.

The Femme Elite is a special 3 in 1 unit designed to deal with women’s needs did it help you? Yes Yes – I loved the fact it covers everything as the PFS is the main thing you want it for but how brilliant to be able to use it as TENS for aches and pains and then EMS for a bit of assisted muscle toning.  

Did you find the Femme Elite Unit was easy to transport and could be utilised discreetly?


Absolutely – it’s a tiny unit with a clip to hold it on to a waist band.  The bag is small and discreet too

Does this product offer value for money? 4/5 The Price is £59.99 – for this you are getting an amazing little piece of kit – including probe for PFS and electrodes for the TENS and EMS.  I would say that this combination gives it a reasonable value for money.  

Could the design be improved in any way?


 Possible a way of knowing that you are really on the right setting.  It seems a bit hit and miss at times to know whether you are supposed to have it stronger or not. 


Now that you have tested this product would you consider buying it?


 Possibly.  I think it’s a good system that is well thought out

Please give this product an overall mark out of 5 4/5    

Would you recommend this product to friends and family





Can you sum up your overall experience with the product in one sentence

This system is simple to use and it is easy to carry on your normal activities at the same time as it is working.



Femme Elite   £59.99






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