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Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner

Flash Liquid-Gel

Ok I must be easily pleased because I rather like the way you squeeze the bottle and only the right amount comes out.  This is very satisfying even for me. 

I have been given a bottle of the Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner to try and review by Savvy Circle. 

Lemony scent wafts throughout the cleaning experience and lets you really know you are cleaning.  I like it too as it tells everyone else that later comes into the kitchen that it has been cleaned and woe betide anyone who messes it up.  God Forbid.

With its powerful and concentrated new formula the Flash Liquid Gel slices through your cleaning time and can be used in every room. 

Because the gel is concentrated x2.5 it allows for a smaller bottle which is ideal if cupboard space is a premium in your kitchen/bathroom or wherever you may need to clean surfaces. 

I have tackled some nasty areas with ease.  Dried on baked beans onto the tiles and hob came off very easily thankfully.  This is ideal as I really do not have the energy or the power in my arms to be struggling to get it nice and clean.

Overall I am pleased with the lemony Flash Multisurface Gel and I look forward to buying another bottle in a different scent so I can check them all out.




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