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Ambi Pur National Geographic Range

Ambi Pur, the expert in home fragrance and ambience creation, has teamed up with National Geographic, the experts in exploration and experience, to create a new and exciting range of natural scents inspired by the world.

Over the years National Geographic's explorers have discovered some beautiful places, stunning sights and amazing fragrances and now Ambi Pur has been able to capture these authentic natural scents to transport them into people's homes.

The new Ambi Pur National Geographic range will be packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. The first new fragrances in the range are Japan Tatami, inspired by the fresh soothing aroma that comes from authentic Japanese Tatami mats, and Nevada Desert Flower, inspired by a rare flower that only has a chance to blossom after heavy winter rain in the Nevada Desert.

Both fragrances are available in a single perfume plug-in and in the revolutionary 3volution plug-in. The Ambi Pur 3volution plug-in combines three alternating but complementary fragrances that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes so the fragrances are always noticeable. In addition, you can experience both natural scents in a complementary candle, made with natural vegetable wax.

The Ambi Pur National Geographic range is available now from all good retailers.

Totz2teens Review:  Pleasant fragrances wafting through my room is such a delight.  They change just perfectly, suddenly realising that a different scent is floating around the room.  They really heighten the senses when entering the room.  Out of the range I prefer the Desert Essence which offers a soft floral element.  The Japan Tatami is a more stronger smell which is still very alluring but I prefer the other.

Loving the new range. 

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

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