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Banish bath time tears and tantrums and help your little one relax before bed with a fun new range of In the Night Garden toiletries that will help prepare your youngster for bed. BAFTA award-winning In the Night Garden has delighted under-threes as they immerse themselves and their imaginations in the world of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and their friends.

Aimed at pre-schoolers, the In The Night Garden range is ideal for bath-time fun.

 Included in the range are In the Night Garden Squashy Washies which absorb water like a sponge and can be used like a flannel but provide all the fun of a loveable toy. Your little boy or girl can choose from Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka and enjoy splashing around in the bath with their favourite character whilst you give them a wash! (SRP: £4.99)

Totz2teens Review:  What a lovely box of treats for my little one.  Firstly the Squashy Washy -This is a cuddly little Iggle Piggle which can be played with in or out of the bath.  It can also be used to wash too so was great to encourage her to wash herself.  Ideal.   Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Has your little one just started to get milk teeth? Well, now is the time to establish a brushing routine, with In the Night Garden’s Upsy Daisy Toothbrush and Holder. This is the perfect way to excite your toddler and make brushing fun. The holder also helps maintain hygiene levels. (SRP: £2.99) 

Totz2teens Review: Upsy Daisy Toothbrush.  This is so sweet.  A lovely little toothbrush for young children.  The holder Is an Uspy Daisy.  Its not a big Holder so wont take up too much space.  Perhaps a little fiddly to put the toothbrush back in the holder for a child but its a lovely item.  Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Get baby soaped up with Igglepiggle Soap Dish And Flannel. This lovely set contains a floating Igglepiggle in a boat soap dish, as well as a soap and flannel. Your little one can push Igglepiggle along in his boat and watch him float round the bath while you wash them with Igglepiggle’s blanket. (SRP: £6.99)

Totz2teens Review:  We tried out the Floating Soap dish with great delight.  The little boat floated around the bath happily and the soap smelt delicious.  The Flannel was lovely too as it wasnt too big for little hands to get hold of.  We liked this and it has great play value too.   Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5

 Does your youngster love nothing more than a bath filled with bubbles? Then they will love the 3D Igglepiggle Bubble Bath. This mild and gentle formulation bubble bath comes in an Igglepiggle 3D model with a detachable head as well as a flannel. If Igglepiggle loves bath time then so will your toddler! (SRP: £5.99).  Alternatively, if Upsy Daisy or Makka Pakka is favourite, similar bubble bath sets are available. Just look out for the 3D Upsy Daisy Bubble Bath or 3D Makka Pakka Bubble Bath – if you push down on Makka Pakka’s head he closes his eyes and moves his arms! (both SRP: £5.99) 

Totz2teens Review:  Upsy Daisy bubble Bath - My daughter was pleased to pour some of the lovely bubble bath into her bath.  It made a lovely bubble and it lasted well too.  The hair of Upsy Daisy is made of a rubber so is bendy which is fun to play with too.  Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5

Overall Comments:  This is a lovely set of bathroom products from In the Night Garden.  We had a lovely time using all the items and loved the little floating boat particularly.  These would make perfect birthday presents or stocking fillers.

The In The Night Garden bath time range is available in Boots, Argos, Woolworths, Asda, Tesco, Toys R Us and all good retailers.



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