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Kiwi Kids Warm Insoles

The big freeze has swept across Britain with some areas experiencing temperatures colder than those recorded in Antarctica. In Southern England, an area that usually escapes the worst of the UK weather during winter, temperatures plummeted to a bitter -12C.

These freezing conditions make us all want to retreat into the warmth of our homes Ė all of us that is except the kids! Whilst we want to curl up by a warm fire with a piping hot cup of tea, they want to build a snowman or shatter frozen puddles! And how can you say no when they have finally torn themselves away from the computer and want to enjoy the great outdoors? So you wrap them up in jumpers, coats, hats and boots, head out the door and within ten minutes they are complaining that they are too cold and want to go back indoors!

This is not surprising considering they are traipsing through snow with only a thin pairs of socks and boots or wellies on. But Kiwi has come up with a solution to help stop you going mad and keep your kidís feet warm while the winter bites. Kiwi Kids Warm Insoles (rrsp £2.99) are made up of two layers; the top layer is pure wool and the bottom is cushioning foam. The combination of the layers helps to keep kidsí feet insulated and feeling naturally warm and comfortable all day long.

Other top tips for keeping your kids toasty are to make sure they wear lots of thin layers as this help to trap body heat (clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres will provide the best insulation). Also make sure they wear a hat as the majority of body heat is lost through the head.

So go on, let the little darlings have their fun and save them from the cold!

Totz2teens Member Review:

As soon as these insoles arrived they were an instant hit, already you could tell they were going to be comfortable.
I cut them to size and inserted them in my daughters school shoes, unfortunately, as they were so thick she could barely get the shoes on, so I would say they would need to be put in shoes either a size bigger or wider.
Thankfully, we had her Croc style wellies to hand, so inserted them in those instead.  She wore the wellies all day and her verdict was:
The insoles are very comfortable and really really soft, they make my shoes better. They keep my feet nice and warm and I would like lots of these to put in all my shoes, but can you thinner ones cos my feet get squashed in normal shoes and I want them in all of them.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  We have given them a rating of 5/5

Totz2teens Member Review:  My Daughter tried them in her boots and they were perfect and they kept her feet toastie warm not too hot.

I would definately recommend these, possibly not for shoes as the insoles are so thick, but they would be ideal in trainers or boots

Totz2teens Member Rating: 4/5

Totz2teens comments:  It looks like both your daughters have enjoyed testing out the Kiwi Kids warm Insoles.  They seem perfect for wellies for those cold days.  I am sure that most children would benefit from using these as their feet get so cold when been splashing in puddles or out in the snow. 


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