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Little Diner

Little DinerWorried about using jar food for your baby, fed up with asking for food to be heated or finding that blenders aren‘t quite good enough? Here‘s the answer; The Little Diner Compact Weaning Set lets you puree or coarsely mash wholesome, healthy food in seconds whilst still warm – No electricity, no mess, no fuss all for £9. This set consists of deep bowl, flat topped lid, heat sensing spoon and innovative Mini Masher and can be carried in its own neat bag to the park, pub or mum‘s. Now that‘s a great idea. And, the masher can be used as a safe teething soother too!

The Little Diner

Little Diner Review

Totz2teens members have been reviewing the Little Diner.  We graded it for Idea, Quality of Product, Heat Sensitive Spoon & The Masher.

The findings are as follows:


Totz2teens members loved the idea of the Little Diner.

Out of 5 it was rated a 5 by 60% and a 4 by 40%.

Member Comments:
"It was easy to use, easy to wash up and child friendly.  I loved the idea of the bag as this too was easy to keep clean"
"I loved the idea of the Little Diner!  It's small enough to be able to pop it into your bag but also useful in the home"
"What a brilliant concept love the idea!"
"Handy as can all be stored in the bowl and also has its own carry bag which is really useful"


The Little Diner rated very highly in quality.  60% marked it as a 5 out of 5 and the rest were a 4.

"This product is made from very durable plastic.  I love the fact that a child can help mash safely"
"The set was good quality and it was very sturdy.  Ive used it in the dishwasher"
"A good quality product that looks good"



The spoon was the only area that some felt let the Little Diner down.  Some members felt that the spoon was only suitable for right handed feeding so suggested a left handed spoon as an option.

60% rated it a 5 out of 5, 20% rated it a 3 and 20% rated it a 2 out of 5.

Member comments:
"The spoon was designed for right handed use and therefore we could not test it but I tested the colour change and found that worked very well"
"The spoon is a good idea but I think the colour change should be more significant"
"Is the spoon done in other colours?"
"The spoon is a good idea though I didnt see much colour change whilst we used it.  I did test it in a bowl of
water and the spoon gradually went a clearer white colour"


80% of our members loved the masher and rated it a 5 out of 5.  20% also rated it highly at a 4 out of 5.

The masher was tested on many foods including fruit, vegetables, meat, cakes, biscuits and egg.

"The Masher was brilliant!  I wish that I had had this for my son when we just started weaning"
"It was great for mashing bananas up in seconds, much easier than using a fork.  Also great for mashing veg!"
"The masher was great as my child was able to have a go at mashing the food.  It was easy for him to hold & use"
"This proved really useful when I was taking my daughter out for the day.  We were able to mash on the go which meant things like bananas didn't go all horrid.  It was great that afterwards I could pop everything in the bag and keep it all contained easily"


Little DinerTotz2teens rating = 4.5 out of 5

Totz2teens would like to thank the member panel for testing out the Little Diner.  From the results it shows that this is definitely a great product.  It looks like the product was really put through a rigorous testing and came up trumps. 

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