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Nasal Aspirator

        Colds and blocked noses are common and cause distress. Babies find it difficult to breathe and feeding and sleep become issues.  4little1 Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator and Room Vapour are safe from birth. 

      Baby nose-clear is an award winning range of natural remedies that are safe to use from birth. They relieve the symptoms of a cold by clearing a blocked nose and for clearer breathing, easier feeding and restful sleep

  • Safe and natural way of treating nasal congestion
  • Overcomes feeding issues due to a blocked nose – Paediatrician advice is to suction a blocked nose before a feed
  • A better night’s sleep for both mum and baby!
  • www.4little1.com

Why the Baby nose-clear nasal aspirator?  So effective it is available on prescription. To gain NHS prescription status Baby nose-clear had to prove itself against all competitor products and the established way of treating infant nasal congestion (saline drops) in terms of both efficacy and healthcare economics. It is simply the best aspirator available.

·     Mouth suction is the most effective way of clearing the nose because of the control and Baby nose-clear is the only one with a reusable filter which delivers value for money and convenience as it is always on hand. It is also easy to clean unlike others. 

Why the Baby nose-clear room vapour?  Lovely and effective, mums keep coming back to our website for more!  It is the  only decongestant approved for use with a baby  right from birth.  Pure blend of essential oils with natural decongestant, antibacterial and calming properties.  It helps keep nasal passage ways open for longer to aid restful sleep and was awarded ‘ Highly Commended’ by the TIPS midwives and runner up in Mother and Baby Awards. 


  • The frustration of a blocked nose is one of the biggest reasons your baby cries during feeding. Paediatrician advice is to clear your baby’s nose before a feed with a nasal aspirator. Award winning Baby nose-clear is the most popular choice.
  • 6% of breastfeeding mothers give up because their baby has a blocked nose. Paediatrician advice is to clear your baby’s nose with a nasal aspirator before a feed. Award winning Baby nose-clear is the most popular choice.
  • Baby’s get up 8-10 colds in their first year. A poll of 14K mums showed that using a nasal aspirator was the most effective treatment. Award winning Baby nose-clear is the most popular choice.
  • Babies shouldn’t use any medicine in the first 3 months (unless prescribed by a doctor). The Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator and Room Vapour deliver helpful natural relief for colds and flu from birth.
  • In the USA a Nasal Aspirator is the most popular way to clear babies noses when they are suffering from colds and blocked noses. Award winning Baby nose-clear is now widely available to help British babies.
  • “Babies can have many colds in their first couple of years and this can cause problems with feeding and sleep. I have had great results with Baby nose-clear and these products can be used safely from birth. The Baby nose-clear Nasal Aspirator sucks clear the nose so they can breathe and feed more easily and the Baby nose-clear Room Vapour helps to keep their noses clearer for longer, helping the whole family sleep better”. Jo Tantum Sleep Expert
  • “Sweet Dreams for snuffly babies, use Baby nose-clear to clear blocked noses for a better night sleep”. Jo Tantum Baby Sleep Expert
  • “Baby nose-clear Room Vapour can be used from birth to help babies with blocked noses get a better night sleep”. Jo Tantum Baby Sleep Expert
  • www.4little1.com


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