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obi tens - Purchase for only £44.95

Babycare TENS Obi-TENS drug free pain relief  - RRP £44.99obi tens - Purchase for only £44.95 www.babycaretens.com

The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for those painful moments during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable TENS machines available today.

The Obi TENS can also be used for post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more.




 What was your initial impression of the ObiTENS Unit?

Website: www.babycaretens.com  

I was surprised at how small the unit is.



Mark out of 5

Comments (please make any notes here that you feel relevant)


What do you think of the packaging?


 The packaging is well presented and clear.


Did you find the Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief booklet supplied with this unit useful?


 Yes it explained clearly the benefits.


Were the instructions clear and concise?


 Yes the instructions were well written and easy to understand.


How effective was the Obi TENS unit during labour?


 I found it really useful during early labour. I used it through the night when the contractions first were niggles up until I was in well established labour.


Did you find the Obi TENS more effective during the first or second stage of labour?


 First stage.


Did you need to use the Booster button during labour and did this help alleviate your labour pain?


 I used the booster with each contraction. It was great as it gave me a focus and definitely helped reduce the pain.


Did you find the adhesive pads easy to place on your body and were they effective?


I needed someone else to position them but then they were effective.


Did you find the TENS machine allowed you to remain mobile whilst still receiving pain relief?


Yes movement is unrestricted.


Did you use the Obi TENS unit for other ailments after birth i.e. breast pain, back pain, post-natal pain, headaches, back ache?

If Yes what other ailments did you use the Obi TENS to Treat?


I used it with the after pains.


Did any other member of your family use the Obi TENS for pain relief?  If Yes for which ailment.




The Obi TENS offers pain relief for all types of pain.  Will you use the unit for non-pregnancy related pain relief?


Yes I would try it as I like the sensation.


What do you think of the quality of the product?


Excellent quality.


Does this product offer value for money?


Yes, I believe it does.


Could the design be improved in any way?





Now that you have tested this product would you consider buying it?





Would you recommend this product to friends and family


 Yes I would recommend this unit. 


Please give this product an overall mark out of 5





Can you sum up your overall experience with the product in one sentence

 A really useful product to help with pain relief in the early stages of labour.


obi tens - Purchase for only £44.95

obi tens - Purchase for only £44.95

Babycare TENS Obi-TENS drug free pain relief  - RRP £44.99




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