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Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology and 30 Day Memory Review

Price £19.99 Amazon

  • Records daily steps, stairs climbed, distance, calories burned and exercise time with the world's most advanced Tri-Axis technology.
  • 3D Sensor (X, Y, Z plane detection) provides superior accuracy in any position and unlike conventional pedometers, won't miss steps.
  • New Steps2Target feature tracks and calculates your steps toward your daily target and graphical displays your progress.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps with built-in memory for 30 days of activity. Also features a Clock, Calendar & Sports Timer and Auto Sleep Mode technology.
  • Used by professional athletes, the 4x3sport boasts a slim design that fits in any pocket and large easy to use buttons. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Neat pedometer which can count up to 1 million steps. 

It seems well thought out.  The ability to use the lanyard/and or the belt clip.  Even includes a mini screwdriver Ė something that you never can find when you need it to deal with a battery etc.

The instructions are on quite a small booklet which I found a bit troublesome but actually this pedometer is very easy to set up without looking at instructions.  Working out my stride did need the instructions.

The 4X3 Sport Digital Pedometer by Ozeri uses a 3D smart sensor ensuring Total Accuracy. The Tri-Axis Technology means it can work in any position.

The display is really clear, Although I did notice it doesnít actually give you each step Ė it seems to go in a block which I havenít found out how many or whether its done every so many seconds.  Either way itís a great way to encourage you to walk a bit further.

Keeping the memory running for 30 days means you know your highest number of steps in a day which I think gives a sense of personal achievement if you can keep beating it.

Overall I believe this is a super pedometer with good functions and tidy layout.


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