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Personal Sauna
Personal Sauna Review

Personal Sauna
The Personal Sauna is the most affordable, convenient and portable Sauna on the market.

Strong yet lightweight construction makes it easy to assemble use and store. Plumbing is not required. Steam is created from a simple-to-use generator, providing plenty of heat to raise the temperature!

Designed and patented in the UK by www.personalsauna.co.uk we are proud to offer this unique piece of affordable luxury direct to you for the first time.
Personal Sauna dimensions

Totz2teens Review:

I received the Personal Sauna to review.  A large box arrived which luckily stored well next to my sofa and didn't take up too much space. 

I was amazed by how the Personal Sauna opened out.  From a compact box to what is a good sized piece of equipment in seconds is quite incredible.

The sauna itself is encased in a robust plastic which of course to begin with did smell plasticy but was not a problem.  I was able to put the sauna together myself.  It is just a matter of unfolding and pulling down the sturdy frame for the chair.  Very easy.

The sauna is created by a steam generating box which you fill with water and plug in making sure the hose it pushed through into the unit.  After a while the sauna is ready to use.  It took a bit longer than I thought it would to get to the steamy bit I was after but maybe I was just being a bit impatient.

The outer wrapping is not see through like the picture to the left - just in case you wondered about that.  I was quite happily sitting in it and no one could see me if you know what I mean.

The chair was surprisingly comfy and I was able to relax.  I tried the personal sauna quite a few times and was really pleased with its results.  I allowed my family to also try it and they were pleased too.

It is a strange concept to be able to do this in your lounge but a pleasant one and a great idea for someone who likes saunas or needs to relax a little and focus on some me time for a change. 

The sauna gets quite damp inside so it needs to be left up for a while but a quick wipe down makes it all clean again and ready to use next time. 

I suffer from sinus problems so it was nice to be using this and working through my whole body not just the face.  There are many benefits of a sauna for different ailments and I did feel my back was less stiff after getting nice and warm with the sauna.

My back did get quite hot during use and I did lean forward at points but this was not a problem and we all felt the sauna has some fantastic benefits to the ordinary person in a home situation.

The Price to purchase a Personal Sauna is £149 which although not cheap is reasonable for the concept and relaxation benefits that you obtain from having the sauna. 



Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5



Personal Saunas can be purchased from www.personalsauna.co.uk

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