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"Good Morning Mrs Barker"

How I became a teacher....

I remember having a shoe box with my 'teacher' bits in.  Longing for a trip to Woolworths so I could buy some exercise book with squares in.  Laying out my classroom, giving out the work and then marking it too.

My delight shone through when the Play Teachers pack falls on my mat.  We all know how much children love Role play and enjoy getting together with their friends and setting up their desk as head teacher!  

Our children love to Role Play, they love to act out the part of their favourite teacher and have friends join in the Classroom game.  It helps them to learn and builds confidence.

The NEW arrival ‘Playteachers’ was created by School Teacher Frazer Moyes.  The game is creative, builds on the fun aspect of Role Play too.  This game is designed for 4-10 year olds.  The game enables them to create their own mini-classroom utilising a teacher’s register which they love.  Seriously, I could have dreamt about this when I was younger.  We refer to this pack as a game.  Yes of course it is but I wanted to make sure you understand that it is not prescriptive as a game that you purchase may be.  This one is only as interesting as the participant wants it to be.

This game also comes with a drywipe, flashcard and pen, homework chart, daily timetable, certificates and stickers.  So much on offer and each game the child can create a different theme.  A game that will change every time.  The challenge is for your children to create invent and enjoy learning along the way.  This set actually is just delightful. 

Frazer says “When my teenage daughters were younger, they loved to play teachers.  They always wanted me to provide them with ideas for their ‘lessons,’ and this gave me the idea to create a game. 

Playteachers is an interactive traditional game teaching children to be creative, interact and take control.  A game that will challenge their imaginations and encourage them to learn new skills.   

In his own classroom, on Fridays, when children are asked who wants to play teachers during golden time, Frazer says that most hands shoot up. "Imagination has no limits as children can have fun creating their own school using the props enclosed with each pack"  Indeed one child recently remarked "I love the game it makes my toys come alive."
Frazer says Playteacher's key features are that it is Fun, Encourages imaginative play, Builds confidence, helps advance verbal and listening skills and is ideally suited to all children who want to be The Teacher.
Following on from the success of playteachers, two further booster packs have recently been launched. Designed to complement and 'top up'  the original game , they are called play lunchtimes and play school trips.


I could see the possibilities are endless so given this to a child to play with was actually quite challenging - I wanted to play myself.  I have teddies and I am sure my dog and rabbits would sit still for a lesson - No, well they should!

Alas I gave play teachers to two 6 years olds to play with instead.   These guys have a wealth of imagination and usually this results in superheroes or something a bit active so it was quite lovely to see them pull up some chairs, ask for some blu tac and set up their school.  We did have a little disagreements but once that was out the way both children were able to hold their classes for us adults being the students.  We all had a snigger at how the classroom 'jobs' were handed out in each class.  These young teachers certainly knew about class rules and stuck to them when someone mucked about.  Adults are like that aren't they?  They like to test their teacher! 

I am impressed at how this pack is so well thought out.  Using dry wipe boards makes this a timeless piece of equipment to be had fun over and over again.   Looking on the website at the other sets I can see as much fun would be had with those too.


 Playteachers is designed for 4-10 year olds and RRP £9.50 for play teachers and £4.75 each for school trips and play lunchtimes.  The Trio pack is currently £16.50 on www.playteachers.com

Website; www.playteachers.com and you can follow all the latest updates by catching up with Playteachers on Facebook and Twitter.  

This new arrival is NOW available Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/playteachers-PT-001-Play-Teachers-Game/dp/B00DZ3KIEM the online Catalogue www.playteachers.com and in selected Toy Stores nationwide.

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