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Ozeri Rev Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial
  • Synchronized electro-mechanical Dial and LCD automatically illuminate and instantly point to your weight in lbs and kg, for easy-to read results in all light conditions and from any angle.
  • Visually stunning design incorporates a 14 cm (5.5 inch) dial and integrated digital display with stylish chrome accents to create a distinctive retro look with the accuracy of modern technology.
  • Professional quality scale features and an oversized platform made of impact-resistant tempered glass for ideal stability, and a new built-in alarm that reminds you to measure your weight at the same time each day.
  • Uses 4 high precision GX sensors that weigh up to 180 kg (400 lbs) in 0.1 kg or 0.2 lbs increments, with StepOn technology that captures precise weight measurements upon contact.
  • Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve battery life. Runs on 3 AAA batteries with a Low Battery Indicator (batteries included). Satisfaction guaranteed.

Available from Amazon  19.99

These scales present as a really very stylish set of scales.  The big dial is a fabulous feature and the weight is displayed exceptionally clearly in kg on the dial. 

The digital screen offers a choice of kg or lbs.

The step on feature is really important and means you basically just step on and the scales weigh you.  Much easier than the type that you have to knock to get them to come on.  I have a mobility issue so this type causes issues for me - the Ozeri Rev scales have meant I can get on and weigh myself.

They way accurately = unfortunately!!!!!

I would point out they do not show weight in stones. KG or LB is the choices - which is fine as nowadays everywhere wants you in kg.

Having an alarm to remind you to weigh yourself is an interesting feature too.

I loved seeing the dial whiz round (far to far for my liking).  The design is modern and retro at the same time which gives these scales a perfect feature for your room.  The white glass footplate is easy to clean too.

An exciting centrepiece for your bathroom.

I have received a set of these scales to review and it is a pleasure to keep them in my kitchen to be used regularly.







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