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The perfect letterbox friendly Christmas pressy or even if you fancy having a few slices around for visitors or your lunch.

A super selection slice box seasoned with some warming Christmas flavours.

Nine slices, six varieties. All individually hand wrapped in a rustic box trimmed with red, green and gold.



Our mouth-watering seasonal varieties:

  • Christmas Carrot Cake
  • Lemon & Strawberry Sandwich
  • Kent Apple & Almond Cake
  • Cinnamon Shortbread
  • Chocolate Orange Brownie
  • Christmas Flapjack

 Rustic box and gift tag: ‘Enjoy Your Cakes’ with sender’s details on reverse,
 or include your own message in the Order Notes box at the checkout.

Each cake slice approximately 11x4x2cm  Bake slices approx 4x4x2cm

Price £22 including postage

We had the pleasure to try the send me cakes wonderful Christmas box.

9 deliciously indulgent pieces of cake wrapped up individually so that treat feels even more special. 

The Chocolate Orange Brownie is sublime.  gooey centre and a crisp crust.  Perfect. 

Although the Brownie was devilishly scrumptious I also loved the Kent Apple & Almond Cake.  In fact I was so excited when I realised there was a second slice in the box.  I have just savoured this - although I was supposed to share with my son - eeek. 

All of the cakes keep really moist and fresh.  I put mine in the freezer and we defrosted the box so we could try them but that is something I like about this selection is that it freezes well and being able to take out an appropriate slice or two keeps control of the amount of cake eaten, I think most women would understand the reasoning behind that.

Being partial to carrot cake my excitement to try this was second to none.  The fruit and nut mix compliments each other perfectly.  Big juicy sultanas mixed amongst the beautiful carrot cake burst open to envelop the divine taste withheld. 7

My husband enjoyed the delights of the Lemon and Strawberry Sandwich, he said that he found it moist, light and rather moreish. 

My son rather liked the cinnamon shortbread and he thought it tasted like his favourite cereal so he was very happy --- basically the cinnamon and sugar mix but the shortbread was very tasty too.

Lou obviously puts lots of thought into the flavours that are used in all of the cake slices and I have to say the flapjack is supreme.  So succulent - one of the best flapjacks I have tried.

My family love this box and I love that 3 days later there is still a few bits left for us to eat - because it is wrapped up people are not taking a chunk off which is much better and surely we are able to appreciate it for that little bit longer.

We recommend www.sendmecakes.co.uk due to the flavours and also the ingenious way the boxes are letterbox size so there is no waiting in necessary and actually a fabulous gift for someone special.

I was thinking what about this rather than flowers -- would make an interesting change which I am sure would be appreciated by anyone.


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