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Not just your ordinary Muslin Squares

I love when a package arrives and you open it to be presented by the product in another bag.  This makes it feel like you are not in a mass production line and your order is being carefully and lovingly passed to you.

That may be a bit odd but it is a concept that I have been considering for some time.  A few parcels have arrived recently with tissue paper or within a paper bag and I have decided I like this very much.

The product I have been given by sewlomax.com is from the baby range.

The Baby range is easy to notice with the fab design of the large nappy pin. 

I have the Muslin/Swaddle set.  Of course no parent should be without a muslin.  My first baby was always in need of a muslin - we even changed the name of them to urppa as he urpped on them very regularly - now known that this was a reflux issue which he thankfully grew out of eventually. 

My sister who is in her 30's still has a collection of muslins as they are her cuddly.  Her bed often has many laying at the bottom which is hilarious.  Her new baby will have to fight her for them I think.

The beauty of having a muslin as a cuddly is that you can interchange them really easily therefore offering a clean snuggle.  No more manky teddy.

For my family, muslin squares were used to pop over the person holding the baby, the floor or mat if baby laid on it.  My eldest was born in a time when the car seats did not come with a hood so therefore muslins were used to shade baby too. 

Matthew my eldest was known in our community for his slight obsession with wearing a cape.  Yes this too was a muslin square.  It meant I could attempt to get him to where we needed to be and taking him with the cape made this easier -- yes looked a little odd but on a youngster it wasn't the end of the world.

The sewlomax muslins are 100% cotton and are super soft.  The box contains 3 large muslins at 100x100cm.  One has an embroidered nappy pin on a white muslin.  One has dummies printed on it and the other is printed with nappy pins. 

Bus PassThe box also shows instructions on how to swaddle a baby.  A very useful technique to learn to help sooth a young child.  I used to do this even as they grow because they do like the security of being swaddled.

There is no doubt these will be amongst the purchases or gifts that will be used time and time again, like me adapting as your child grows.

On visiting www.sewlomax.com there are some lovely items such as this cool bus pass purse - its brilliant - for 12.50



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