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Was I due a financial hangover?

It is not often you are offered the chance to have a meal cooked for you so that you can have a chat about family finances.

Well I did and boy was it fab. -- thanks to Bright Grey and Sophie Wright Catering.

First things first --- I HAD to have my oven cleaned.  This was essential.  The oven was gross.  So shameful.  So this was the perfect excuse to get it done.  Due to my own disability I simply can not clean the oven.  Waiting for the man of the house to do it can be a bit timely so calling in a man that can is a real must. Thank you to the local firm Ovengleam who I have used over the years.

Sophie Wright from Sophie Wright Catering contacted me asking what type of food we would like.  After much deliberation I made my choices.

The day of the meal arrived.

Sophie arrived full of relaxed cheer.  What an amazing lady.  I wanted to talk to her all evening but knew she had work to do!  Her warmth and calmness was phenomenal, she truly remained a ray of sunshine throughout the evening. 

As my guests arrived to the sound of Abba's money, money, money followed by money for nothing by Dire straits, Simply Red's Moneys to tight to mention - you get the theme - well it didn't really work out as Peter didn't manage to get the iPod sorted in time - boooooo.  Never mind the thought was there.

We sat down eagerly awaiting our first course.  The smell coming from the kitchen was divine.  Sophie arrived with our plates of scrumptious food.  A Chicken Parfait presented in a small kilner jar with an incredible fig chutney and salad.  Toasted Brioche too.   Our oohhs and ahhhs were exchanged and Sophie explained the food we were eating.  She then left and we relished in the delights we were served whilst we put the world to rights.

When our main course came out I was salivating.  Beef bourguignon with creamy mash, green beans and Chantenay Carrots.  Our beef was so wonderfully tender, it flaked apart so easily.  Sophie had cooked this to perfection.  Each mouthful enveloped me with a cosy and comforting hug.  Immense pleasure especially as we didn't even have to do the clearing up.  There is nothing worse than cooking a delicious meal, entering the kitchen with the realisation you have a pan to scrub and a hob to chisel.

Whilst we ate our meal the music played and we got to talking about presents such as Christmas and Birthdays.  Do we save monthly so that there is a pot ready for big expenditure or just deal with it as the time arrives.   As two couples we differed on this.  I prefer to save monthly.   I used to do the same for the school holidays.  I would put an amount away each month that went towards the extra costs such as holiday clubs, cinema visits, days out.  There was/is no way I could afford to do this ad hoc.  Each penny has a purpose in my financial mind.  

Family life is hectic. There are the pressures of work, the financial burdens of running a home and the time and energy needed to take care of the children.

If you don't have protection in place and become too ill to work or die suddenly, the consequences can be devastating. Emotional trauma can be quickly followed by financial worries and thatís the last thing that any family would need.  We spoke about how this worry could be quashed by having adequate life cover and or critical illness cover.  This was a reassurance that we agreed is useful to have that security in such an uncertain world.

Time for dessert:  must confess quite stuffed already but can never refuse a pudding!

Out came a beautiful chocolate pannacotta with black cherry compote.  This was finished off with a hazelnut praline crisp.  The combination was exquisite.  Our pannacotta wobbled perfectly.  

We all cleared our plates again. 

Sophie left us all with a celestial glow after such an awesome meal.  Peter and I were so pleased to enter the kitchen to find it clean and tidy once more.  The relief from this was incredible.

We carried on our evening with a little more wine and some games of Blockus - a game we love to play because its quick and easy to play but a challenge at the same time.

I have had an amazing evening and Sophie was a delight to have in my house to cook for us.  If you ever get the chance to have a personal chef for the night then go for it.


PS..... No Hangover - Financial or alcohol LOL





Chicken Liver Parfait with fig chutney & toasted brioche  

Main Course

Beef Bourguignon  with creamy mash, green beans & Chantenay carrots


Dark Chocolate Pannacotta with black cherry compote and a hazelnut praline crisp


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