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Sporty Bump Maternity Sportswear Review

Shift your baby-weight in celebrity-style with Sporty Bump -Maternity & post-natal sportswear at crunch-friendly prices

Despite the credit crunch, you can still treat yourself to a little celebrity-style when it comes to exercising during and after pregnancy.  Sporty Bump is a pioneering range of sportswear designed specifically for pregnant women and those trying to regain their pre-pregnancy figures.  The inexpensive collection launched last year and already has a celebrity following, including Hotel Babylon’s Tamzin Outhwaite and Strictly Come Dancing winner, Jill Halfpenny. 

After trying the range during her pregnancy, popular actress Tamzin Outhwaite commented, "I couldn’t find decent maternity sportswear anywhere, so I was delighted when I discovered Sporty Bump – the range is versatile, comfy and stylish.  I love it!"

Actress Jill Halfpenny, who danced her way back to a size 10 and went on to win the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special after giving birth last year, also fell in love with the brand: “Sporty Bump is stylish and practical and is the perfect workout gear for me to stay fit and healthy both during and after my pregnancy.”

Sporty Bump’s popular four-piece ‘basics’ capsule collection consists of: On The Bump Shorts, Under The Bump Capri Trousers, Cross-over Top and a Racer Back Vest.  All items are available in chic classic black and in four accommodating sizes (small through to extra large).  Designed with price in mind, the pieces range from just £15 to £20 and the entire capsule collection costs just £71 (delivery is free when spending over £50).

The range has been created for mums-to-be who want to continue with exercise and sports during pregnancy, as well as those who are getting back in shape after the birth.  Whether it’s training at the gym, cycling, walking, running, Yoga classes, using home-workout DVDs or simply relaxing – the clothes have been designed to move with the wearer as they exercise and grow.

Sporty Bump clothing is available to buy online at www.sportybump.co.uk

Sporty Bump Clothing Review
I was asked to review four items from the current Sporty Bump collection and was only too happy to help! 

Just so you know, I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins, about 5’8 tall and am usually a size 14 when not carrying around an instant family! All the items I tried were size ‘Large’. 

My first impression of the maternity sportswear was really good. They felt lovely and soft to the touch and had a quality feel about them which gave me great confidence that they would actually be suitable for what they are designed for! 

I received two tops and two bottoms and wasted no time in trying them out.

Racer Back Top - £20
This was my favourite out of the two and is the one I am wearing in the photo. It was really comfortable to wear, nice and stretchy and the inner support bra meant I didn’t need to have my maternity bra on. A real bonus! It fitted me relatively well but my only concern is that it may not fit me for much longer. I realise that I am much bigger at this stage than someone carrying a singleton but this should still be considered before buying. It was very comfortable across my bump, not at all tight and I felt really stylish wearing it. Much nicer than wearing an extra large t-shirt which makes me look like a very big sack of potatoes! For me personally I would have preferred it to have been slightly longer at the front so it didn’t gape at the bottom quite so much but that’s just me. I would be more than happy to wear it down the gym or as a casual top over leggings or jeans.

Cross-Over Top - £20
This top is also great with all the same features are the Racer Back such as the inner support bra etc. It’s probably slightly more versatile than the other one as it has a nice V neck line and could be dressed up quite easily. Personally I wasn’t so keen on the V neck as even though my boobs have grown considerably from what they were they are still not that big and I felt like I needed a bigger bust to do the top justice!

Under the Bump Capris - £16
These are lovely, really comfortable, soft and stretchy. They come to just below the knee and being black are nice and slimming on the legs. They are designed to be worn under the bump and the waist is very soft. Personally I would have liked them to have been over the bump but that’s just my preference. When teamed with either of the tops the whole outfit looks really good and is perfect for trying to stay fit whilst pregnant and for getting your shape back afterwards. I also think that these capris are good value as they could easily be worn with everyday tops and look great! 

On the Bump Shorts - £15
These shorts are just as comfortable as the capris but they are designed to be worn on the bump. They are extremely soft and stretchy and I was quite happy to wear them across the middle of my bump without feeling uncomfortable. I would say that they look more like gym / sportswear then the capris and so would not really wear them as an everyday item. The fact that they stop just above the knee means I wouldn’t wear them personally (I hate my knees!) but that shouldn’t put anyone else off from buying them. 

My overall opinion of the Sporty Bump range was really good. It was good quality, soft, very comfortable and looked very stylish which can be quite hard to achieve with an ever expanding bump! For me I would just have liked the tops to be a little longer at the front.

Totz2teens Member Rating: 4/5

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