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Tooth Tunes Music Toothbrush for kidsOn sale from... SeptemberTooth Tunes Music Toothbrush for kids

tooth tunes product Review


Washing your  hair, scrubbing your finger nails, cleaning your teeth…. Some everyday tasks  just aren’t that exciting.  But now new Tooth Tunes are about to change  all of that and bring music into the bathroom – straight into your  mouth!

You can chose from one of three brushes available, each with a  fab music track, including Survivor by Destiny’s Child, Let’s Get it  Started from Black Eyed Peas and Queen’s We Will Rock You.   More tracks are planned for later in the year.

So whilst you  brush, you can rock!

And Tooth Tunes is good for you too.  The  brush has been made to help you take the time to keep your pearly whites clean  and shiny, as it plays music for a whole two minutes while you brush. The  better you brush, the better the sound gets and you’ll know when it’s time to  stop because the music stops.

And because it’s important to change your  toothbrush every three months, you can have a different song each  time!

Mum will be happy too because Tooth Tunes is accredited by the  British Dental Health Foundation.

Tooth Tunes are priced at £7.99 each  (SRP) and are available from all good retailers from September.  

Find out more about Tooth Tunes here

British Dental Health Foundation

Totz2teens Says:

My young son saw the tooth tunes package and immediately pestered that he would use it every day and really really wanted to clean his teeth - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How could I resist!  We opened the pack and discovered the delights of We Will Rock You by Queen.  Ahh I hear you say but whats the point.  Well - The clever makers of the tooth tune have thought of that.  The tune is only played when the connection is made and once the button is pressed.  Ingenious.  The connection is made by the head being on a bend thus creating the pressure to connect.   My son was impressed and YES he brushed his teeth properly.  I wont say he did it for a full 2 minutes but he certainly did it for loads longer than normal.  The toothbrush has been used every time over the last couple of days and looks like its a definite hit.  I think it would make a great present for adults as well as children.   

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5




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