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Tooth Tunes Music Toothbrush for kids
Tooth Tunes Latest Releases

The sound of music is being brought to the bathroom thanks to the toothbrush – Tooth Tunes. The musical toothbrush is especially made to help improve children’s oral hygiene by making sure they spend enough time brushing each day.  

The new brushes now have a “Turbo” feature – a new and improved sound technology making brush-time with Tooth Tunes even cooler! Choose from one of the exciting new Turbo brushes available including Hannah Montana ‘Rock Star’ and High School Musical 2 ‘ What time is it?’. The brushes are approved by the British Dental Health Association and Turbo is aimed at 7 – 12 year olds! 

Another exciting addition to the range is Tooth Tunes Junior – a brush formulated especially for pre-schoolers and plays  ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. The ‘Junior’ brush is specially developed for little mouths and hands and is edited with friendly music that lasts for one minute and uses ‘talk to me’ technology. Encouraging phrases motivate and congratulate the children while they brush. Tooth Tunes Junior helps your little ones establish a good brushing routine, which at a young age is more important than the time spent brushing.

Tooth Tunes are priced at £7,99 each (SRP) and are available from Boots, Superdrug, Toys R Us, Argos, Woolworths, Amazon.  You can access these shops through here and here

Totz2teens Member Review
We had the pleasure of reviewing the High School Musical Toothtunes.  What Time is it plays whilst the child (or adult) is cleaning their teeth.  It is set for the right amount of time so therefore you should brush all the time the song is playing.  This is a very clever piece of kit as the sound is louder from within your mouth which although is a little odd its very clever.  My daughter is an avid fan of High School Musical so this is a great addition to her collection of bits. 

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5


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