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Help!!!!!  Grey Hair
Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour Review

Grey Hair - what wicked witch decided that our hair should go grey?  It is so mean.  My natural colour is a brown, blonde and red mix - quite nice really.  Plenty of mix and lots of shine.  On the whole I have this mix however my temples are very grey.  Very grey.  I clearly have lots of grey elsewhere but I can't see them so it doesn't count.

I didn't dye my hair until my late 30's.  Mainly due to the fact I knew I would get it everywhere and the bathroom would be covered in dye.  That frightened the lift out of me -- and the cream carpet in the bedroom just off the bathroom.  I eventually had my hair dyed for the first time at a hairdressers and continued to go for quite a while. 

Circumstances changed and I could not afford to go to the hairdressers to have my hair dyed.  I plucked up the courage to do it at home - as I have got a bit older the greys have increased so I now have to do it if I don't want the greys to show. 

I have tried quite a few different brands.  The bedroom carpet has had a few splatters but not too bad.  The bathroom clears up quite well too.  Some have been incredibly messy and others not too bad.  Many I have really hated the way my hair feels afterwards. 

I have almost waist length hair so I want it to be lovely and shiny not dull.

The opportunity arose for me to review the Vidal Sasson Salonist product.   Brilliant.  Very excited.  The adverts have certainly sold it up as being a really good hair dye system.

I chose to use one the nearest to the colour I generally choose which is dark natural blonde -- Yes I have brown hair but this seems to be the best colour without making it change too dramatically.

Re reading the leaflet it did not seem as scary as it is clearly written with good descriptive pictures too. So I set to work.

Here is me during my experience.  No mess.  I was quite amazed as generally I get a splash or two somewhere but nothing ruined this time with the Vidal Sassoon Salonist colour treatment.    Keeping my fingers crossed the grey goes away too

The 2 stage process is simple.  Do the roots first wait 20 minutes, enjoy 20 minutes pampering time then stage 2 which involves adding serum to the mix that is left - this is then put through the lengths of hair.   Although I have long hair I used one box of VS Salonist because its mainly my roots that need the colour but ordinarily if changing colour then you need to use 2 boxes for hair my length.

Once I had "cooked" it was time to wash it out.  The serum made my hair feel divine, so silky.  Then adding the conditioner too really helped make my hair easy to brush.  It did not make it greasy nor frizzy thankfully which I was a little worried about but did not need to be. 

After giving my hair a date with the hairdryer I unveiled my new hair colour.

Itís more than colour. Itís a work of art.  Because different parts of your hair take in colour differently, Vidal Sassoon created Salonist, a revolutionary 2-step method that treats your roots and lengths separately. The result is stunning, seamlessly blended colour with lots of depth and tones.

As you can see I have plenty of different tones within my hair colour and my grey has disappeared (for now) 

Not often I come back and add to a review.  This one I had too.   I cant believe that people have actually asked me about my hair and my colour.  When I have told them it is the VS Salonist range they are so surprised and have commented that I have a variety of colours making it so rich and soft. 

One very happy customer here.

Website:  www.vidal-sassoon.co.uk



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