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yoomi Review

yoomi, the creators of the UK’s first self warming baby bottle, has just launched a new addition to their award winning feeding range... the yoomi charging pod.

Using groundbreaking patented technology, the yoomi pod allows existing yoomi warmers to be recharged in the microwave in just 2 minutes, making recharging simpler and quicker for parents.

On the shelves since 2009, yoomi provides an ideal solution to quickly warming baby’s milk to the perfect temperature whether it be in the car, on a plane, out for lunch.. or on holiday! This is a truly innovative feeding system which can be used quite literally anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

No longer will you have to stumble around the kitchen for the night time feed or wait for the waiters to bring you some boiling water. At the touch of a button, this bottle and warmer in one, will warm your baby’s feed to breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds - making life just that little bit easier!

The pod now comes as standard with all feeding systems, making yoomi the ultimate baby bottle - quick, convenient and stylish. Recognised by The British Library as one of the ‘Top 15 Inventions of the Decade’ and the winner of two Gold Loved By Parents awards for ‘Best Bottle’ and ‘Most Innovative Feeding Product’, yoomi really is a product that every parent should know about.


The best bits about yoomi...

* easi-latch™ teat: thanks to its natural breast-shaped and super-soft silicone teat which allows for a breast-from-breast experience

*transition sorted: thanks to the consistent breast-milk temperature feed provided by yoomi, babies have the familiarity they need to support weaning from breast to bottle

*reduced likelihood of colic: with its 6 anti-colic vents (most bottles have 4) yoomi allows for a more comfortable feeding experience for babies

*easy pouring and mixing: yoomi’s unique, wide-necked bottle makes pouring and mixing simple – as well as clean and tidy!

* convenience, always: being suitable for both expressed breast-milk and formula, and ideal for either combination or bottle feeding means yoomi supports all parents baby feeding needs

*safe: yoomi only warms milk as your baby drinks, giving bacteria less time to breed. And of course, the yoomi range is 100% BPA free meeting the highest safety standards

* all you need: the yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer and all yoomi bottles, teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range 

Jim Shaikh, the inventor of yoomi commented: “we designed and developed yoomi to help make life easier for parents like us: to take the stress out of feeding – we’re thrilled that so many parents think we got it right… one mum went so far as to say that yoomi changed her life! We hope the yoomi pod can continue to give the same level of support by improving the usability of the product.”

The yoomi pod launched with the exclusive retail partner Mamas & Papas on 1st June 2012. yoomi is is also available at Mothercare, Boots, Amazon and also online at www.yoomi.com.


Totz2teens Review
Our yoomi arrived in a lovely storage box which you could tell has been carefully designed to be simple yet attractive.

I carefully read the instructions, then reread and my friend also looked - we thought it must be simple to charge up but we needed to get the hang of it.  The instructions contain a lot of "if this happens, do x,y,x" which is great but did make it a bit more complex. 

The warmer itself contains the same gel that is used in hand warmers so once heated up it can be activated and then the heat is released.  The charging pod means you are able to charge in the microwave, you can still charge it by boiling for 25 minutes or using an electric steam steriliser.

Initially we had to try and work out whether or not we were doing it correctly but eventually we sussed it.  The recharge process is fairly quick but a bit faffy with having to microwave, shake, microwave and shake --- you do hear a different sound when its ok plus there are some colour change features to guide you along the way.  I liked the one on the pod that if you have made it too hot the pod itself has a red rim that shows if its not at correct heat.  It can be reheated 150 times and handily they provide a little tick sheet in the box too.

I think its also a bit of a shame that the warmer itself cant be sterilised in the microwave when being charged up.  Also you would need a few chargers if you were out for a long day.

The bottle is a brilliant design and my son took to the teat really easily.  I was a bit concerned as he has previously only used one brand - I found he used this teat very nicely. 

The warmer is brilliant.  It is very clever.  You just press the button and the warmer starts to heat up - because of the special design features the milk flows around the yoomi warmer and arrives at the teat a great temperature which is at a natural breast milk temperature.  My little boy found it perfect.   The warmer doesn't overheat the feed which again is a nice safe feature.

It does take a while to sort for only one bottle but the result was great - very well thought out.

The feeding system we used RRP at £23.50 - there are plenty of additional products that can be purchased too.

Great Idea to extend the choices for parents and their babies.


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