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TOP CAT:  The Movie Review

We’ve had a great day today! We - DH, Lucy, Lucy’s friend, her Mum and I went up to Leicester Square for the first showing of the new Top Cat film.

We were there ready for the fun to start at 10 o’clock. First was a photo, then we queued to have balloon Top Cats made.

We then joined an even longer queue for Top Cat and friend’s tattoos. Lucy chose a Benny tattoo, they were really good.

Then we collected our complimentary drinks and sweets and headed off to see the film.

The film was just as us older ones remembered! Other than it was in 3D and Top Cat and friends had discovered technology, Officer Dibble had a mobile phone in his pocket he could use when his phone down Top cats alley was out of order!

The story line was true to the good old Top Cat we used to watch on TV but modern enough to keep today’s children amused. Other than by laughter we were not disturbed by any of the children around us they were too mesmerised!

The Chief of Police was stepping down, Dibble was after the job but did not get it, the new Chief of Police was very into technology, but he nearly destroyed the City. Of course Top Cat and friends with the help of Dibble saved the day.

It was nice to have a children’s film with a good story line than some of the wishy-washy storylines you get today.

We all agreed it was a film we would recommend to everyone!

TOP CAT: THE MOVIE is released in 3D on Friday 1st June 2012. Based on the much-loved Hanna-Barbera cartoon that has captivated the imagination of children and adults alike since it first appeared in the 1960s, TOP CAT: THE MOVIE brings the vibrancy, colour and retro charm of the original to a new generation in spectacular 3D that will amaze audiences young and old. This summer, after more than a 50-year hiatus, TC and his rap-trap feline gang return with ‘the most tip-top’ adventure that’s purrfect for all the family. 


Benny the Ball, Fancy Fancy, Choo Choo, Spook and Brains, and the indisputable leader of the gang TC, are back at war with the long arm of the law when the menacing Police Chief Strickland moves to town, ousting the bumbling Officer Dibble.   Determined to put a stop to the feline antics in Hoagy’s Alley with the help of a bullying robot police force, the tech-savvy Strickland threatens to be the most dastardly enemy the gang has ever faced.  With their wise-guy lifestyle hanging in the balance TC and friends are forced to cash in on another of their 9 lives to curtail Strickland’s reign of terror and claw their way back to the top!  

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