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Army of Zero - Game Review

Army Of Zero, from Point Zero Games, is two games in one.  Firstly, it's a card and dice game in which two players pit their team of warriors against each other.  Players use their judgement to pick the right character to use at the right time, and second-guess their opponent to choose when to attack and when to defend.  The game is designed to be quick and easy to both learn and play, encouraging children and their parents to play together.  You can learn the game in five minutes, and play it in fifteen, so parents can get into the game easily and play it with their children.

 But Army of Zero also holds a secret.  The deck of eighty-four character cards hides a series of puzzles and the person who submits the best solution before the closing date will win a cash prize.  The puzzles are aimed at older children and adults, so the game can be enjoyed by older and younger generations alike.

 For more information, please visit www.pointzerogames.com.

 The game is available at pointzerogames for an introductory price of £10.00.  It's also available on amazon.

Totz2teens Member Review:
A new game to play for both adults and children.  The game is for 2 players but we were able to work it to a tournament so everyone got a turn at playing.  The children picked up the rules fairly easily although we did have to keep referring to them.  I personally would have preferred the rules to have been on a piece of paper rather than on cards but that was a personal preference and doesn't harm game play at all.  The box comes complete with the cards and dice.   Each card has 4 components speed, combat, weapon and armour.  Using the dice to add to these scores is great because it becomes so much more random and you cant really plan your army.  Once we picked the game up the games flowed better and we were able to get a match going quite easily.  My children love clans and army style computer games so it was exciting playing for them to be doing a pokemon style card game instead.

The second part of this game is the puzzle.  We didn't really get very far with this for the review but no doubt my husband and sons will attempt this further as I am sure curiosity will get the better of them. 

This is a calm game to play and doesn't take up too much space either boxed nor when playing which is a bonus.

I believe this makes a lovely present for any young man.  young or old!!!  Perhaps even a Fathers Day present as I am sure they would get caught up in playing with their children and trying to solve the puzzles within the cards.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5

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