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First Farmyard PuzzleGalt LogoFirst Farmyard Puzzle

I was very pleased to be offered the First Farmyard Puzzle from Dr Miriam @ Galt Toys to review.

 It is a joy to play with the wooden tray peg puzzle with 6 lift-out animals.    

My little helper for this review is 19 months old (and adorable, of course but then I am biased).  The chunky pegs are perfectly sized so that the child can hold whilst they match the animal to the space in the tray. )Encourages manual dexterity and shape recognition.)  Using Farmyard animals is superb for me as actually I can make the sounds of all 6 which was part of our game play.

 The wooden board is exceptionally good quality and the animals are cut out leaving a smooth edge on both the board and the animal pieces.   I do think that it would have been good to have a picture of the animal on the base of the board to help with recognition

All wood is from renewable sources. This puzzle is part of a range of baby toys developed with Dr Miriam Stoppard, the UK's most trusted parenting expert with Galt Toys.

Also included in the box is a play guide written by Dr Miriam with tips on how to play with this toy in the most beneficial way while having fun! front view of First Farmyard Puzzle

Educational toy master-class

There is no denying that smart phones, tablets and apps can be great educational tools, but when it comes to supporting your child’s development, it should be a mix of traditional play as well as the latest tech toys – variation is key.

With hectic schedules and busy lives, it’s not surprising to hear that parents, not necessarily through any fault of their own, sometimes find it hard to dedicate as much time as they’d like to help their child’s development through play. Research conducted by Galt Toys shows that close to one in five parents put their children in front of the games console and one in six give them a smart phone or tablet to play with.

Two thirds of parents surveyed don't think they are as good at playing with their children as they would like to be, while 40% even feel self-conscious when playing.

So how can parents feel more confident about playing with their children? How do you use play and toys to help with your child’s development? What sort of toys are the best for different age ranges?

For more information visit www.galttoys.com


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