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Let me tell you a story

About a boy....

A boy who has never ever enjoyed dressing up.

ImageThis integral part of childhood has passed him by. We began at 18 months old with an amazing Superman outfit that a friend bought us for him... Proud parents that we were thought he'd look so cute... He screamed the house down and didn't stop until I took it off.

Halloween's came and went. Sulking face at the even mere suggestion of "Please dress up as a pumpkin for mummy?" He was having none of it.
Rubies - Marvel Costumes
He's now 7 (8 in June) and to me he should be embracing the imagination and creativity that dressing up allows. I loved nothing better than getting my mum's old high heels on or my fairy princess dresses on to imagine that I was someone regal and beautiful. To have a child that doesn't enjoy that is hard for me, there's nothing wrong with him not wanting to but I feel he is missing out somewhat on the fun you can.

So the offer to review a "Captain America" costume came our way... He loves the Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man are his fave's. Thinks they are kick ass Hero's. So I said "He'd be honoured to review it"

...... The costume arrived really quickly from Rubie. It was in a really strong plastic packet and the costume is really well made. It has inbuilt "muscles" and comes with a hat to complete the look. Really good quality material and velcro fasteners on the back.

The boy... who has NEVER and I repeat NEVER wanted to dress up ever... asked "Is this mine to keep mum? It looks really cool"

So I thought we were already on to a winner here. That little girl excitement was ignited inside me and I couldn't wait for him to try it on.

The costume was size 6-8. The boy is a little small for his age and the costume fits him with room to grow. So I would say would fit a 6 to a small sized 8 year old comfortably. I think there are other costumes in the range too so plenty of choice for all your little superhero's.

I would happily buy more of these costumes. Just to see my son joining in the dressing up game finally after so many years of being adamant that dressing up is rubbish, was fantastic.Image

Noah had the following to say about the costume...I really love the Captain America costume. The muscle bit is cool and I want to wear it to school so the girl's think I have big muscles. It's made from nice stuff that doesn't make me feel itchy (Noah suffers from eczema) I like Captain America so to have a costume I can wear is awesome and I want to wear it for bed.

So there you have it. One happy 7 year old boy. One VERY happy mummy who loves the magic that dressing up can create.

Definitely an item to buy in my opinion. 10/10  

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