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Sprig Toys


Introducing Sprig Toys’ New Adventure Series, the eco-friendly line of battery and paint free vehicles and characters


Batteries not included? - Batteries not required as children are powering a new line of toy vehicles with lights and sounds themselves. 


Made from Sprigwood, a child-safe, bio-composite material derived from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic, the Sprig Adventure Series harnesses the natural energy of push-and-pump-action play to power lights and other electronics – all without batteries.  Fun Adventure Guide characters wearing LED-lit hats plug into durable, attractively designed vehicles and engage preschoolers with audio that guides them through exciting adventures as they play.


The rugged, kid-powered and totally green adventure vehicles are the first products from Sprig Toys, Inc, a new, environmentally responsible toy company created by award winning industry veterans. 


The Sprig Adventure Series is built around The Discover Rig –  a sturdy, battery free vehicle with a removable push bar.  The Discover Rig is powered by preschoolers’ natural kinetic energy.  When a child rolls the toy forward, it triggers the generator that powers both the vehicle lights and plug-in characters, taking the child on a self-powered safari of the imagination.
Standing nearly a foot high and wide without the push bar, the Discover Rig is the perfect size for indoor or outdoor adventures.  Adventure Guide Cap Faraday is included and tells a Secret Safari tale from the driver’s seat.  The Discover Rig is priced RRP at £49.99 and is recommended for ages 3 and up.
A companion to Discover Rig is the Sidekick line of smaller, pump-action powered vehicles, including the Rally Racer car and the Baja Scout dune buggy.  Instead of pushing these vehicles, the preschooler pumps them to ignite the Adventure Guide headlamps.  Each sidekick will retail for around £19.99 and is sold with a different Adventure Guide.  Two guides can plug into the Sidekick seats, while the larger Discover Rig can hold up to three guides. 




Sprigtoys can be purchased through Tesco Direct and smyths of Ireland.

Totz2teens Review:
When this toy turned up I was really excited.  The box is a so well thought out with natural brown packaging and plenty of information on the box with great pictures and I also liked the fact the instructions were on the inner of the lid meaning no loose bits of paper.   I was also exceedingly pleased that when we opened this there were no cable ties and twisties to deal with.  My son was able to take the car out of the box and start playing with it straight away.  A real bonus,

I found myself smelling the car - may sound weird but it has a really soft and gentle but really natural smell.  I later discovered when I read the packaging that the vehicles are made of sprigwood which is a a material of recycled plastic and wood.  It is then given the natural smell which authenticates this too.  The quality of the Discovery Rig is phenomenal.  It is sturdy and durable yet soft on the edges and the roof rack is a soft rubbery feel which is removeable to gain access to the inside of the vehicle to pop in your character.

This is so well thought out.  There is even a handle so that the child can push along the car allowing it to be much easier to take out for little walks and we found a trip around Tescos great fun! 

My son is thoroughly enjoying playing with the Discover Rig.   There are many ways to play with this.  The fantastic solid framework of the car allows for some good rugged indoor and outdoor play.  The handle allows for the extra outside easier play too.  Then there is the unique aspect that amazingly does not involve any batteries - I know isnt that just brilliant.  The vehicle comes with a character made from the same materials.  This little character and any others that can be purchased separately are able to fit inside the car.  The 'driver' sits safely in the front on a usb style socket.  This amazing bit of technology allows the incredible actions to come to life.

By pushing the car along you can have either of 3 options, 1) the light on the head of the character driving turns on and lights the way, 2) light and engine noises - really very sweet and 3) you get a little voice of the character - this is really clever as it is different for each character.

Overall we are completely impressed by these products and have to say I am tempted to get more as they seem so robust.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

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