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Squawkers McCaw



       Wildlife enthusiast  and TV personality Michaela Strachan is a big fan of the newest addition to the FurReal fiends range - the amazing  lifelike FurReal Parrot,  Squawkers  McCaw.

“Wild  animals should never be taken out of  their natural  habitat.  The great thing about Squawkers McCaw is that  it’s the kindest way   for children to own an exotic looking pet,  without causing  any distress to a  real animal. Toys should give  something  back to kids and the FurReal Parrot is  great because it is   so interactive. Any toy which encourages children to  become  interested  in wildlife is a definitely a good  thing!”

Through  innovative  animatronics, the newest  and most realistic member of Hasbro’s  FurReal  Friends range  can:

  • Repeat any words  spoken   to him in his signature squawky voice.          
  • Whistle, laugh and   dance  to music both on and off his perch       
  • Using voice  recognition   he can learn words and phrases taught to him  by his owner and can  also  record and repeat what you say       
  • Be taught to  respond to   you with over 45 phrases by programming voice  commands such as  “Hello” and  “Are you hungry?”       
  • Be “humorous” and    “playful” by randomly responding to his pre-programmed  phrases in a  comical  way      
  • Make realistic  sounds  and  movements

Just like a real Pretty  Polly he loves to have  his  beak kissed and his feathers  ruffled. You can even feed him  crackers, but not  too many or  he'll get the hiccups

“Having a  pet is a big commitment   which is why I think the FurReal Friends range  is so great,"  adds Michaela.  "They provide hours of fun and look and   behave like a real pet but at the end  of the day or when you  go to  school you can put them away. That’s not possible  with  a real pet.  With FurReal Friends you get the best of both worlds.  I'm  going to  teach the parrot to say. ‘Save Planet Earth.'"  

The truly   amazing FurReal Friends Parrot will be  available from August 2007.  Priced at  £69.99 (SRP),  Squawkers McCaw is suitable for all children  aged 5+   

Click here to see a short video of Squawkers McCaw    

Totz2teens Product Review

We were given the opportunity to test the Squawkers McCaw.  To say it was fabulous is an understatement.  Both of my children adored it and I've even caught my husband talking to it when he thinks no one is looking.   I think that the Parrot works really well in this range as it is feasible to assume a parrot is talking.  The Parrot is a good size.  I would say life size to a Parrot.  He has lovely soft brightly coloured feathers which you find yourself just stroking all the time.

Squawkers comes with a remote control, branch and a cookie.  He is able to speak and says things like - "feed me", "I'm hungry", "peek-a-boo", Watchadoing", "I love you" and many more. He also has little pre programmed gags which are hilarious.

You are also able to set commands and responses so you can say phrases such as  "What do you think of totz2teens?"  He will then answer "its the best parenting forum around" (LOL).

When I saw the recommended price I have to say I wasn't sure BUT it is a definite top of the list item for the children's Christmas list this year.  My 10 year old is definately more interested and has been desperate to play with it.  I even had to stop him from taking it to bed with him.  He has really enjoyed playing with Squawkers and I am sure he would get the moneys worth out of it.  My 12 year old wants one too so it has a good age range.  Young children would very much appreciate the Squawkers McCaw.

We have shown a few other children that have come round too and they are all enthusiastic over it.  One was quite concerned about leaving the door open and I had to explain he isnt real - that was very funny.

We would definately recommend the Squawkers McCaw.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5 - 100%

Squawkers McCaw can be bought from many stores - Buying or searching through totz2teens shop will raise funds for totz2teens.


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