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Toy Reviews

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game
Drumond Park rrp £19.99, for 2-4 players aged 5+

The fun begins as you set up the game.  Centre stage is the cleverly designed Magic Bed, which also incorporates a Spinner by which players progress round the colourful board.  There are grinning plastic Mouths for each player, and four sparkly white Teeth are clipped onto each one. The Playing Pieces are in the shape of people with backpacks, into which the teeth are put on their journey to the Magic Bed

The race is on!  There’s nerve-tingling excitement in the air as each child spins the Spinner to strive to land on a ‘Wobbly Tooth’ space.  When this happens (with shouts of glee all round!) she throws the Fairy Dice to determine whether they have the courage to pull out the tooth this turn…

With their tooth safely in their Playing Piece’s backpack, the children continue  round the board, all longing to land on a ‘Go to Bed’ space.  Here they spin the Spinner again to find out if they are going to remember to get their tooth ready for the Magic Tooth Fairy’s visit. If they do, their luck is in… and they get to pop the tooth under the pillow on the Magic Bed.  Then they push down the Magic Wand… and hey presto!  When they lift the pillow, the tooth has magically disappeared, and in its place is a Golden Coin!  The first person to swap all four of their teeth for golden coins is the winner.

The game play of the totally unique Magic Tooth Fairy Game is easy to understand, which means that once they have learned the rules, older children can, if they wish, play without adult supervision – always a ‘plus-point’ for youngsters. 

The game creates a sense of hilarious, noisy anticipation, followed by unbelieving wonder – which takes some doing with kids today.  The Magic Tooth Fairy Game is a great-value present and such fun to play – by anyone who has ever lost a tooth, or is waiting to lose one!

This is an incredibly easy game to set up which is brilliant for youngsters to be able to sort out a game for themselves.  The go's are quick enough so that the other players don't get up to mischief whilst waiting for their turn.

We had great fun trying out this game and I loved the fact that my girls could play this without me.  The quality of the pieces is excellent in this well thought out entertaining board game.  They have even asked to take it on holiday with us so I know they really like it.


PhotoSonic Blasting Iron Man

Sonic Blasting Iron Man, the 15" tall figure is packed with loads of firepower!  Featuring a motorized rotating missile blaster that fires five projectiles - everyone will have a blast pretending to battle.  The figure features lights in its chest and eyes and includes the battle sound effects.

RRP  £29.99

Totz2teens Review

To any Iron Man fan this is a very incredible toy.  My young man is 16 but very much into Iron Man.  The latest movie release being Iron Man 3 and so far he has seen it 4 times.  (thank goodness we have cineworld unlimited cards!)  The Sonic Blasting Iron Man has taken pride of place in his room.  He is a large figure standing at 15 inches tall and once batteries installed he has lights and sounds.  The missiles are shot from the arm and certainly shoot out for a good distance.  There is great play value in this action figure and a must for any Iron Man fan of any age. 

My nephews came to visit and were exceedingly keen to play with the Iron Man figure too although my son was a tad reluctant to let them. 


Yolanda Barker


Nick Jr Goody Bag with A Bedtime Story with Arnie & Barnie
I was very lucky to have been sent a Nick Jr Goody Bag.  The bag itself is fabulous.  Being a Peppa Pig fan means this bag really meant something and I have to confess it wont be for my son to use.  I am going to have it for my own bits and pieces. The colouring postcards, keyring and poster will be put to good use too.

To celebrate the importance of reading bedtime stories with our children, Nick Jr has just launched A Bedtime Story with Arnie and Barnie where celebrities read a bedtime story written by children’s author Becky
Overton. The episodes air every Friday at 6.30pm.We are also really lucky because we have the opportunity to watch an episode called Three Princes and a pea which was a great to watch.  We sat down on the sofa and although my little one didn't watch the whole story he did enjoy the part he did.  The two puppet worms are entertaining and fun to watch. 

A great webtv programme has been made about the importance of bedtime stories and this can be watched right on totz2teens h

The Box of Shocks

Where Drumond Park’s Number One best-selling* Gross Magic continues to make audiences go “yeuchhhhhhh!” ad nauseum, the new BOX OF SHOCKS (age 8 to adult, rrp £19.99) is guaranteed to make victims SCREAM and GASP in horror!  A ‘must have’ for tricksters of all ages, this sparkling and witty collection of thirteen truly shocking pranks and gags is sure to catch them out.

Every one of these marvellous tricks is cunningly designed to put its owner firmly at the top of the prankster league!  Take your victim entirely by surprise and extract that fabulously satisfying shriek that screams out “Gotcha!”  loud and clear …  But remember, practice makes perfect so don’t forget to put the time in before you embark on your campaign of truly shocking, clever trickery!  

The kit comes with excellent move-by-move instructions, and inside is just what it says on the box – think squirting ‘crazy’ ketchup all over your audience’s clothes, showing them how you break your finger backwards, leaving a coiled snake – ready to spring - in a crisps tin, ramming a pen through your hand, hiding a spider behind a coin in a box - so it can leap out at them… and you’ll have just a smidgeon of an idea of what you’ll find in this great new compendium!  

For stockists visit www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577
 www.facebook.com/drumondpark  www.twitter.com/drumondpark

Totz2teens Review: Needless to say giving The box of Shocks to my son to review was done with trepidation.  What awful things was I going to be subjected too.   I needn't have worried.  Although brilliant and great fun I am still here to tell the tale.  I was amazed at how much fun can be had with The Box of Shocks from the 'Thingles' tube which is like a crisp tube but you open it up to a rather good surprise.   Having had a family gathering this one was used repeatedly and everyone thought it was hilarious.  My son and then nephew and niece waiting for the next person to be surprised.  It was lovely to watch.  I don't want to mention all the tricks as that will spoil the fun but needless to say there are plenty to keep some children (and adults) entertained for quite some time.   The nice thing is that they don't need loads and loads of practise to get right so they are achievable in a short space of time which is important for lots of families.  Even my youngest nephews gave some of the Shocks a go which considering they are young made this an all round family Box of Shocks.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

It’s a game… it’s a race… it’s a time trial challenge
Spin Mania (age 6+, rrp £22.99) - a unique fast-paced and totally gripping game for two or more players.

Heart-thumping fun for both boys and girls

The game consists of a motorised Spinning Machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a ‘spin-spike’, and three purple stands on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly.

The challenge is to ‘spin-up’ the three plates on the Spinning Machine one at a time – and then, using your spin-spike, transfer them, still spinning, to the three separate stands. All three plates must still be spinning on their stands as the player rushes back to the timer, stops the clock, and marks the time taken. Then the next player or players strive to beat the time recorded.

What’s very special about this game is that the player’s opponents are going to make things very tricky indeed! Before they start, all players must agree the playing area – this will be a specific room or rooms inside the house, or a defined area outside. Before each person takes his or her turn, the other players secretly place the plate stands around the agreed area. Each one must be reasonably easy to see – they can’t actually hide a stand, although it can be quite difficult to get to – under a table, for instance.

So players don’t just have to have excellent powers of concentration and steady hands – they need eagle eyes and a good turn of speed, too! Children can play and practise this clever and enthralling new action game on their own, but it’s much more fun to battle it out with one or more opponents in each round. And if they want to make a real party of it, there’s plenty of scope for team challenges, too!

For stockists visit www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577

Totz2teens Review:
The time when a simple game becomes incredibly competitive even when the kids have gone to bed!    Having this game for the kids is an excuse.  Yes of course its great for them to play and easy to play with the whole family.  Not easy as it is a challenge but simple to set up and simple to explain rules to a variety of ages.   We took this camping with us and made a competition of spin mania.  I think this is a great game to have for Christmas so that Great Granny can join in with the kids.   Enormous fun.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


The new table football game that’s in a Premier League of its own

It’s the hottest new game in town…

The crowd holds its breath in anticipation, the atmosphere is tense for this title decider, the opponents face each other…

Foooz (age 5 to adult), is the new, unique action game from the UK’s leading independent games company Drumond Park. The game can be set up anywhere – you don’t need a pitch. Just place the goals on opposing sides of a flat surface, line up your players… and gamesters of any age are ready for kick-off! It’s perfect for a game in the playground, during after-school club or on the street with mates, at home on the table or floor, in the workplace at lunchtime, by the pool on holiday…

Foooz Pro Match set, rrp £19.99

Twisting, flicking football fun
The Foooz concept is an exciting extension of the ever-popular ‘table football’ game of Foosball, but without the need for masses of space or expense. It encourages friendly (or should we say competitive?) rivalry - between not just kids, their siblings and friends, but adults across the nation too. Players control their free-standing footballers (whose shirts can be customised with the stickers provided) with an easy movement very similar to the original game - by gripping one static arm and twisting the other to manoeuvre and flick the player in their hands.

The beautiful game
The great thing about Foooz is that, unlike other football games on the market, anything goes! You can organise matches with opponents, or play by yourself if you want. You can play by the rules of football, or you can set your own rules. Ideally played 2 on 2, players can use attack and defence tactics to move the ball between figures until a shooting opportunity presents itself and then… let fly. Watch your opponents crumble as the ball rockets into the top corner!

A game of two halves…
Alongside the full-blown matchplay encounters, Foooz also provides the opportunity for players to pitch their footie skills against each other. The various sets contain a number of collectable randomly-packed Trick Cards or Competition Cards. These put the skills practised on the training ground to the test. In the Trick scenario, players take turns to draw a card, which describes the skill to be performed and the player then has three attempts to complete the challenge – winning up to 4 success points, depending on the difficulty rating. The Competition cards test skills one-on-one against another opponent. Win points by showing off the well-honed drills from training. How many points do you think you’ll get?

Street football – it’s everywhere!
Street Soccer is all the rage – how footy stars beat the real life challenges of getting balls in to the back of the net as they navigate through and over shopping trolleys, rolling tyres and swinging sand bags. With Foooz, you too can set freestyle challenges when playing by yourself - or for your opponents - using whatever obstacles you can lay your hands on. Dribble through the family’s salt and pepper shakers, flick the ball over a defensive line of custard creams… and with a perfect chip land the ball in the fruit bowl. Or simply see how far you can flick the ball up the stairs from a dead ball position. The only limit to the challenges you set is your imagination!

Unbelievable Tekkers…
To the fore in every footballer’s vocabulary, Tekkers are footballing skills and tricks… and the novel ‘click-on’ boot which comes in each Foooz kit allows players to incorporate moves unseen in everyday table football. Simply attach the boot to the lower half of the plastic body - and chipping over defensive walls, keepy-uppies and top corner goals become a crowd-pleasing feature of the game play. And when you’re ‘training’ on your own, there’s always the crossbar challenge… and even a target you can hang up in the goal – meaning you have to aim for the open sections – scoring up to 50 points for the most precise and accurate goals.

This fun, highly addictive and family–friendly take on table football is set to be a real home nation hit this Christmas. Mums, dads, sons and daughters will all be recreating the moves from the classic matches seen in the Premiership and the tournaments. The toughest decision you have to make is who you’ll be in your next match – Aguero, Lampard, Gerrard or Rooney?!

Top of the league is the Foooz Pro Match Set (rrp £19.99) – pictured on first page - which is competition ready – complete with 2 Foooz figures, ‘click-on’ boots for chipping and the like, a ball, sticker sheet to personalise the players, a hang-up target for individual play, 8 collectable Skill Cards – and full instructions.  

Or you can kick off (or add to your collection of players) with the Foooz Challenge Set (rrp £9.99) – pictured right - which contains the goal, a ball, a player with all the ‘trimmings’ and 6 Skill Cards.

For stockists, visit ww.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577

Totz2teens Review: Foooz is a great set of 2 figures and goals.  All you need to get yourself started.  There is a good size range to extend the collection .  I love that this can be played with by a child on their own or with friends.  My son and his friend spent some time playing and working out how they can play with this.  After his friend had gone he continued playing by himself and even took a player and ball out with us in the car.  Luckily he kept the ball close by!  The figures seem durable.  The whole set seems suitable for the age range of 5+.  This is a great toy for any budding Beckham who isnt playing outside with a big ball.   My husband enjoyed playing a game with our son too and said it is easy to pick up and play plus making up your own games is easy to do too.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

The Best of TV and MoviesThe Best of TV & Movies:  Logo Game

"The Best of TV & Movies" is the new "entertainment" edition of the LOGO family.

It's a race around the board with unique tweaks like the "Mute" card (silencing a member of another team) and the "Change Channels" card (that lets you "pass" on a card you don't like). You'll be answering humorous and interesting questions on movies and TV shows, proving just how much you know.

For 2 - 6 players or teams. Ages 12 - Adult.

CONTENTS: 400 Question Cards, 6 Playing Pieces, 3 Bonus Cards, Playing Board, Instructions

Totz2teens Review:   Another fantastic edition of to The Logo Game family of games.  This does not fail in any way. Lots of questions to challenge our brains with.   There are a few differences on this game but to be honest we played it traditionally as I let the men set it up and they didnt read any instructions.   Having a look through you have some extras like a Mute Card so that one member of the other team cant answer or tell their team members an answer (I thought this would be really useful and good fun).  Also a Change Channels card which allows you to pass.  The thing I love about The Logo Games is that you are able to just sit down and play without any board if you want so you can quick fire questions just between a couple of people if you dont really want to play an proper game.  I am a fan of these games and we have played them all so far.  This one is a fabulous addition to the family.   I love that even when a team has children or older people in there is usually something they can contribute.  It is surprising what we all absorb from tv & movies.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

WOW’s exciting range of award winning toys, are designed exclusively for the under-fives. With exciting functions and features built into them, they also don’t require batteries to work so the fun never ends! Easily wiped clean, they are extremely durable and exceed all toy safety regulations. Suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years.

Available to buy from all good independent toy stores, they can also be found in Hamleys and Harrods and can be bought online from Amazon, Tesco.com, Play.com and Debenhams.com.

Pet Rescue Percy
Motorised animal rescue vehicle.  Pet Rescue Percy is ready to help out all animals, big and small! He has rescued every animal you can think of from a tiny dormouse to a giant hippopotamus and he is here to show you the wonders of animal rescue! He also has his very own pets, Socks the cat and Bonny the dog that join him on his rescue missions.

Motorised rescue vehicle
Rotating pet feeder with clicking sounds
Removable vet figure called Rolf
Removable pets; Socks the cat and Bonny the dog who join him on his rescue mission

www.facebook.com/WOWtoys    www.wowtoys.com

Totz2teens Review
I have Pet Rescue Percy from WOW toys www.wowtoys.com to review.   I like that the suitable age range is 1.5 to 5. Easy untwistable ties to remove each part of the toy from the packaging. The animals are very cute and the Vet Percy looks happy to help.  The cat and dog fit in the back of the truck so that Rolf can take them for a drive in Percy.  A nice sturdy design and doesn't take any batteries which is pleasing and even easier if buying as a gift (or receiving).  My little boy enjoyed playing with this and so did his friend when he came to play.  I see that there are lots of other vehicles in this range which is interesting.  I thought these would make ideal gifts. Handy sized vehicle with some sweet little figures to pop in the truck.  My son loved being able to rescue too.

Joy to play with.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5 - Does what it says it will.

Totz2teens - Drummond Park LogoTotz2teens - Pig Goes Pop GamePig Goes Pop Game

When you’re on the move, the award-winning Pig Goes Pop! (from Drumond Park Games, rrp £19.99, for ages 4+) is the perfect companion.  A travelling pig could be just the thing you need to keep your little ones happily entertained on planes, trains and automobiles!  A firm family favourite, this little piggy’s proved himself to be everyone’s Number One porcine friend –he’s just bursting with excitement and hilarity!  How could you possibly leave home without him? 

The Pig Goes Pop games is delightfully compact and easy to play in those frustratingly confined spaces – and everything packs away inside the pig, so you can pop him in your carrying bag when you embark.  All kids have to do is feed the Pig his burgers and pump up his swelling tummy WITHOUT bursting his coat open! On the roll of the colourful dice, each player feeds this friendly hog a purple, red, yellow or green hamburger, pushing his cheery head down the number of times shown on the burger. 

Remember, this Pig is a greedy fella and although he can fit more than quite a few mouthfuls into his ever-bulging tummy, it won’t be long (although no-one knows how long) before his coat can no longer take the strain… and to everyone’s amazement and rapturous squealing delight, this little Pig goes POP! If that happens on your turn, you’re out – till the next round.  If not, you’re still in the game.  Just keep on going until he bursts at the seams. For a new game, just rewind his curly tail… and the next round commences. 

For stockists: www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577 www.facebook.com/drumondpark   www.twitter.com/drumondpark 

Totz2teens Review: Such fun.... OMG we haven't laughed so much in ages.  This is a really really simple game to set up, instructions are on the outside of the box and it really did take 2 seconds to set up and get ready to play.   Therefore everyone was ready and waiting without stress.  Result.   I rolled my dice, picked my burger and popped it in piggy's mouth.  With trepidation I pushed down his head the number of times the burger said I had too.  Phew - he didn't burst open.  We continued round and everyone on tenterhooks but it was so very funny.  Eventually Piggy went Pop and we all jumped.  "Again, Again" could be heard and we played for quite some time.   Once the children had gone to bed out came Piggy and we had a few games by ourselves.  Hilarious.    Brilliantly simple but so enjoyable.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Lamaze Play & Grow Huey the Hedgehog

Lamaze have two brand new, imaginative, fun characters – Mittens the Kitten and Huey the Hedgehog – and three refreshed characters – Princess Sophie, Mortimer the Moose and Flutterbug.  Bound to delight babies, toddlers and their parents alike, these latest new additions are packed with fun developmental features and are perfect for ‘on-the-go’ fun.  Made of quality, brightly-coloured fabrics and textures to effectively stimulate the senses, these unique, themed Play & Grow toys are affordable, long-lasting companions little boys and girls will love! 

The multi-coloured new Play & Grow Huey the Hedgehog is a friendly, pretend prickly character baby boys and girls will love.  His colourful spines are soft to the touch and he holds a teether in his front feet.  For ‘on the go fun’, there’s even a quick-release clip for easy attachment to cot sides and on to pushchairs. 

Guide retail price: £10.99.  Age: From birth to 24 months.    For further information, visit www.tomy.com 

For the nearest stockist, contact the consumer helpline on 01271 336172

Totz2teens Reviews:
Huey is very cute, he has a friendly face and a very colourful body  with coloured felt soft spikes.  It is lovely and crinkly too which I love as my baby is able to make it crinkle with her gentle grab.  The squeaker is not as easy to action but that really is not a problem as there is so much going on with this fantastic hedgehog.  Well thought out and a great gift for a young baby.
Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Thank you - Huey is just what I have been looking for.  My son is 4 months old and has road tested Huey for me.  I love that the clip hook means I can attach Huey to his pushchair or car seat so it wont get lost on our travels.  A good sized robust teething leaf hangs from our hedgehog which adds another texture to the play.  The design has been incredibly well thought out with the clip, teether, colours and sturdy safe legs and 'spikes'.   The different materials such as the plush yellow face, the stomach area is a white with black spots which is supposed to be very attractive to young babies, felt spikes and stripes of different materials on the back.  I can see Huey being a great part of our toy box for a very very long time.
Totz2teens rating:  5/5

My three year old has had great fun with this toy.  We have encouraged her to allow our son who is only 18 weeks old play with it as it is really his toy but she is adamant that she should be allowed to keep him for herself.  When I have been able to allow the baby to play with it we have been really pleased.  We do appear to get a very soggy leg or two but I am impressed at the strength of all the protruding parts.  Huey the hedgehog has a very friendly face and even his nose has great suckability.  Believe me - if a bit could be put in the mouth it has.  So many different textures and colours making sure the child isnt easily bored.
Totz2teens rating:  5/5


Air Hog Hyperactive Stunt  £69.99

Put mum's freshly polished floors to good use with the Air Hogs Hyper Actives Stunt Car . Perform incredible stunts with this super-speedy remote control car that flips, jumps and spins 360 degrees. Mid-air tricks are no problem for the double-sided speed machine because it carries on racing whichever way up it lands. The 9.8 cm long Hyper Actives Stunt Car is fantastic fun outside but - thanks to four-way direction control - is also easy to navigate in small indoor spaces.  
www.airhogs.com        www.facebook.com/AirHogsRC  

Totz2teens Review:  It is a great RC car for a wide range of ages. It has many nice functions like being able to spin really fast, being able to drive on both sides and it also can press a button and it will turn on the turbo to make it go even faster than it all ready does. If you wanted a remote control car I would highly recommend it. I have had hours of fun playing with this and my brother is wanting to play with it too. lots of fun.

Rating:  4/5


In The Night Garden Goodnight Friend Upsy DaisyIn the Night Garden Goodnight Friends Upsy Daisy
This cuddly plush Upsy Daisy needs to be tucked in and read a bedtime story by you and your little one! Upsy Daisy comes with her light, a storybook and removable nightdress and slipper accessories.   
Age: 2 years+

Totz2teens Review: What a cute and great toy for any little one who loves In the Night Garden.  Upsy Daisy is bought to us with some amazing features.  A simple doll that can be dressed in to her nightdress and slippers.  or her skirt.  She carries a nightlight in the shape of a flower.  There is also even a book too.  A gem too is that the ties holding Upsy Daisy and her acessories only amount to 8 so not a difficult feat to achieve getting her out ready for our children to play with.  I had to pursaude my daughter that she wasnt going to take Upsy Daisy into nursery this morning as she wanted to show her the nursery school which I thought was rather sweet.  Last night Upsy Daisy was dutifully tucked in bed with her too and remained there this morning which again was a good sign. Easy velcro fastenings ensure Upsy Daisy's outfits are able to be fitted quickly and painlessly.  The slippers were a bit trickier for her to fit on but not too difficult that she couldnt get there with a bit of assistance.  Perfect for an In the Night Garden Fan. 
Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Fred the Cow Farmer -  Learn to dress activity doll
Guide retail price: £14.99.  Age: from 18 months.

A great new friend for boys to play with, Fred the Farmer looks just the part in his rugged farmer’s outfit.  Packed with developmental features this is a unique soft toy little boys can happily include in their own imaginary play. 

Helping to aid future independence, little boys can also learn how to button and fasten Fred’s overalls, zip his pocket and buckle and tie his shoes! 

Ideal for developing dexterity and fine motor skills, Fred the Cow Farmer also encourages hand-eye co-ordination and comes complete with colourful satin ribbons, bright patterns, and different textures for tactile fun. 

Totz2teens Reviews:
Great toy with so many incredible activities to fiddle with.  The Button, buckle, zip, lace, Velcro are all worthy additions to this delightful toy.  Farmer Fred is a soft cuddly toy suitable for children over 18 months.  Of course with all these activities it will be a firm favourite for some time.  My little boy took a great shine to the bit of ribbon in Fred's mouth but he is very young still.  We have practised the Velcro and he likes the noise it makes when opening!  This is very well made and full of lovely bright colours. 
Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

I have enormous pleasure to tell you about Farmer Fred from Lamaze.  He arrived with me as a lovely squashy package with little packaging which was a real plus.  My daughter was able to play with him straight away (more or less)  The bright colours make this a really cheery plaything.  Fred's clothes are not removable but you are able to fasten and bottom the dungaree straps on and off.  Button was a little fiddly but a great task - we don't want things too easy for our children all the time.  Zip up his pocket then down to his shoes.  One is a buckle and one a lace.  I love that nothing gets detached so cant get lost.  Of course this makes it safe for younger children but keeps it all at hand for the older slightly messier ones.  For this type of toy I dont think there is really anything they could have done any better.  spot on.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

"Ohh he has crunchy feet" says my little boy.  Along with "Can I have him, moooooooooo!"   I told him he could sit with me and practise tying a lace - he didn't look that impressed with me saying that.  I pointed out I had agreed to review the Lamaze Farmer Fred because of our younger son.  Not our 4 year old but of course he could play with it too,  He found the laces tricky but as I told him " its something you need to practise.  No one can do these things straight away and that's why these toys are perfect.   The soft buckle was probably harder than a slightly harder material however due to the designed starting age group I can see why it needs to be kept soft.  Farmer Fred is a good size.  Perfect to be held and with dangley arms and legs those can be held too which is adorable to watch a toddler clutching on to their new toy.  (and keeping it away from their brother!!!)  Price wise at £14.99 I think this is reasonable for the quality and design of the product.  I wonder whose bed I will find it on??

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

The Oginov Tumbler is a brand new kind of puzzle.

To move the pieces you tilt the puzzle over and one of the 5 pyramids falls over into a new position.

Because gravity makes the pieces 'fall' into place, these are called GRAVITY PUZZLES. There are six levels of difficulty in The OGINOV TUMBLER range. Level 1 and Level 2 come in this pack (puzzle set A).

Level 1 is called 'THE DOTS' When you have learned to solve all THE DOTS puzzles, twist open the ball and replace the pyramids with the Level 2 set - called 'TRI-2'. Drumond Park Oginov Puzzle

THE DOTS is an easy introduction to The OGINOV TUMBLER range. You will learn the basic moves and skills needed to move on to the TRI-2 puzzle and beyond. The range starts off easy but leads to mind blowingly hard puzzles in levels 5 and 6.

How far will you go?   For 1 player     Ages 8 to adult  www.drumondpark.com/oginov/

Totz2teens Review:  A clear balls with pyramids with numbers on.  mmmmm.  Plus some other coloured pyramids.  I quickly realised this was something for my husband to do and it certainly did the job at keeping him amused.  You have to match up the numbers by rolling the ball around - this cleverly allows the pyramids to roll around slightly changing the numbers.  This is one of those things that you pick up and fiddle with for a while then come back to it until it annoys you immensely.  We usually have something like this kicking around at Christmas for those that aren't playing the family games - they still have to do some kind of challenge.  We liked the fact that the makers of this game had thought on from just the one puzzle.  There are a number of different ways to play too and we even had a time limit of 5 mins each to see how we could do.  I was rubbish but my Husband and eldest son seemed to do quite well.  Annoyingly the numbers don't rotate the way you want them too - but thats part of the puzzle.   It is small enough to pop in a bag to bring out to entertain when necessary - not just the children - the adults too!!!

A hard puzzle but well thought out.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Drumond Park Dino Bite Action and Reflex GameDino Bite Game £19.99   Drummond Park
Children's action game with realistic jungle and Dinosaur sounds; The roll of the dice determines which coloured dinosaur egg you need to collect; Use the Dino-headed tweezers to extract the eggs from the nest; Be careful not to be the one to set of the Dinosaur who will attempt to strike at random! For 2-6 players

Totz2teens Review:  We opened the box with excitement.  Roar as we named our dinosaur was clipped easily to the base.  Batteries found and installed.  Need a screwdriver for this bit.  The honour of turning on the game was my youngest sons.  Some very Jurassic sounds surrounded us.  There are a few ways of playing Dino Bite and we attempted to play a few of each type to get a good feel for it.  Roar was clicked into place, the dice rolled and tweezers held - the leaf was lifted and the coloured egg collected.  phew.  Next player.  Same thing.  Third player - me - I lift the leaf, go to collect my egg and snap - the dino moves with a ferocious roar and I don't get my egg plus on this version of the game I am out too - so down to the other players.  The game lasts quite a few round longer before another player is Roared and the winner declared.  We played again and again building the suspense for the other players which was very funny.  The only negative we could find was that using the tweezers to collect the eggs is actually quite tricky.  It does say in the instructions that you can use fingers for younger players but we found all of us chose that way of playing.  A great game for any dinosaur fanatic family.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

  Air Hogs: Vectron approx £24.99

Go hands-free while playing with the Air Hogs Red and Black Vectron Wave. The Vectron Wave is an awesome flying toy that you control using only your hands . Ingenious new infra red technology means the Vectron hovers at a set height, which you can control by moving your hands underneath it . "Bounce" it, guide it around the room, and throw it, either with throwing gestures or with the attachable handle. The Vectron Wave charges from the special charging unit , which has an emergency shut-off button to stop flight immediately. As an additional safety measure, the propeller automatically shuts off when something tries poking into it, preventing damage to fingers. The Air Hogs Red and Black Vectron Wave is an amazingly clever flying toy that boys will love playing with. Air Hogs Vectron Wave also available in Yellow and Black , and Blue and Black.

Totz2teens Review:  Air Hogs Vectron Wave is a remote control UFO style gadget.  Although it is remote control the remote is basically you.  Your hands control which way you want the Vectron to travel which is great fun.  It is tricky to get the hang of and alot of crashing into furniture ect does happen.  It is made from a very light polystyrene with plastic cover and appears to be strong enough to handle the bumps it gets.  My boys enjoyed playing with the Vectron Wave and managed to develop some good games between them which was a delight to see.  As with the majority of Remote Control items this does take batteries - in this case 6 AA Batteries.  These are put into the base unit which is how the charge is given.  This isn't suitable for outside as its probably too light but a nice open room would be handy.  Any boy/man would find it hard to resist this toy though as its great fun and totally a bit different to a normal RC car.
Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

Moon Dough - Magic Zoo  £22.99

Create your own zoo full of magical walking animals with the Moon Dough Magic Zoo . Create bears, gorillas and penguins that come to life and really walk ! Choose your animal mould and place it in the magic zoo moulder , fill the mould with Moon Dough, turn the handle, and out pops your magic walking animal. Add fences to your Moon Dough zoo by using the special "popper" mould to create fences for your animals. This fun Moon Dough set comes with three colours of Moon Dough , two sets of wind-up walking legs , and stickers to decorate your Zoo. Moon Dough is light and fluffy, and is specially designed to never dry out so you can keep and show off your animals as long as you like. Moon Dough Magic Zoo is a great way to encourage creative play. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Totz2teens Review: The set looks impressive and on opening it I wasn't disappointed.  I love that the moon dough never dries out and also that it is wheat-free - just in case!!!  There is a selection of animals to produce - a penguin, gorilla and bear.  2 bags of dough mean plenty of fun can be had producing animals.  I was worried my little boy would find it tricky but he managed it ok.  The wind up feet add a little extra fun to the experience.  We used the dough to make other things too so it can be used for whatever you want. As with many of this sort of thing I would like to say remember it may be a good idea to set it up first to make life a little easier whilst you are connecting sections.  The squeal of delight at the penguin appearing from the mould was just so sweet.  A fun and entertaining set.
Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Moon Sand Sweet Delights Candy Factory PlaysetMoon Sand: Sweet Delights £14.99

Moon Sand Candy Factory. Make delicious looking sweeties with your Candy Factory! Mix sand to create new colours, and even bake and paint your creations to keep! Includes candy press, 10 moulds, measuring cup, sand box for contained play and storage & 2 colours of Moon Sand. Contents vary. For ages 3 years and over

Box Contains:1 x candy press;10 x moulds;1 x measuring cup;1 x sand box for contained play and storage;2 x colours of Moon Sand

Totz2teens Review:Moonsand is brilliant. Fantastic for making delights.  Of course it isnt edible but hours of fun playing the sand making them into sweetie shapes were had whilst testing this out.  You can mix colours and create some amazing looking candy.   I love that the set folds out and you can use it to help keep everything contained.  The real BIG bonus of the sweet delights is that you can now actually bake and paint your creations if you so wish.  I love that this is possible and look forward to seeing many creations on the shelf now.
Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


Zoobles ! Seagonia [Martinique # 283]Zoobles - Spring to Life - Azoozia Collection - 2 Pack - Milton #091 & Danby #092 - MOCZoobles: Spring to Life From £5.99
Meet the Zoobles! Put this curled up critter on its own "happitat" hot spot and watch it spring to life.  Collect Zoobles from Petagonia, Seagonia anmd Azoozia.  There are so many characters to discover!

Totz2teens Review: The Zoobles are very sweet little creatures from different lands = "happitat".  Starting with a little ball once rested on its happitat is opens/awakes to a lovely little creature.  These creatures then do different little things like blinking , wiggly ears and more.  I think that these are a hit because whilst they remain small they are not TOO small and are suitable for little presents when one is needed or to save up for with pocket money.  I dont think anyone could collect all of them as there are 100+ so it would keep you going for a while.  It would have appealed to me as a child and I am sure that any child would be pleased to be playing with a zoobles.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


Find It - University Games  £19.95

“Find it” is quite simply a game that you never need to put away, because you’ll never want to put it down!  Play against yourself or as a team; whichever you choose it’s guaranteed fun for all ages, is totally addictive.  All you have to do is twist, shake or spin, find an item in the capsule, tick it off your sheet and then pass the game onto the next person (or have another go yourself if playing alone!).

The great advantage of “Find it” is that there are no rules - so you can create your own or have none at all!   ”Find it”, which launches in the UK under license to University Games UK, can be a test of time or patience, or both!

It’s simple, highly addictive and there are three versions to choose from – Glitz & Glamour, Sports or Kids.   It’s a perfect game for rainy days, fun-filled holidays and journey time.  Another bonus: no batteries required!   Simply grab it, go and then play! 

It’s suitable from aged eight through to ninety-eight, but is also great fun for the even younger imaginative minds of children learning to define objects and write (with parental assistance).

“Find it” is licensed by University Games UK and available from all good retailers including Argos, Debenhams, Amazon, Toys R Us and WH Smith, priced between £15 and £20

Totz2teens Review:
Find It is actually a simple game but it is brilliantly done.  You are given a tube full of hundred and thousands style pieces - within these are different objects to find.  some come to the surface quickly, others are demons to find.  I left it on the side and was amazed at how many people pick it up to try and find the hidden items.  We tried the kids version which has a variety of almost 50 objects so there is plenty in the pot.  Its lovely and secure too so no breaking it open to find the bits.  They had asked when they were finding it touch.  There are so many different ways this can be played with.  Adhoc just finding bits, timed - perhaps having a timer included may encourage this.  I reckon this would be a perfect thing to give granny/grandpa to do on a Sunday afternoon to keep them occupied too.  I know my Nan would have to do this because its one of those things.  We were trying to find the penny for a very long time.  When my son found it the shouting for glee was phenomenal you would have thought something was wrong.  The Find it is big enough to have plenty of fun with.  I reckon hours of fun can be had reinventing games with Find It.  We have really enjoyed testing out Find it and I would love to see the others in the range too.  I think that although you have found the items once you can go over it again and again so repetitive play is plausable.  I like that this can be played by an individual or in a group.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5 

Smart Ass GameSmart Ass Board Game  - University Games  £15.99
Have you ever played a game and been bursting to yell out the answer even when it's not your turn? Well here's your chance! Each Who, What and Where am I? card has ten clues, and the first player to yell out the correct answer moves one step closer to being the ultimate "Smart Ass." Move forward by correctly identifying people, places and things before any of the other players. The first player to reach the target in the centre of the board wins. This fast-paced party game requires no specific knowledge base so even if you're a "dumb ass" you can win! Contents include game board, 8 "Smart Ass" playing pieces, 490 questions, 1 jumbo category die, 1 jumbo movement die and instructions.  For 2 to 8 players. Ages 12 and up  £15.99

Totz2teens Review:  Smart Ass - Thats ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I found this game so enjoyable.  Not often I find a game that I am quite good at - but here it is.  Smart Ass comes in a bright yellow box and is very simple to set up.  Reading the rules was nice and quick too.  Really appreciate this fact when playing a new game with friends.  There are different categories which you throw the die to find out which one your card will be.  They are who, what, where am I?  and hard ass.  One player is the reader and the others have to guess from the clues read out.  If you shout out too quickly and get it wrong, you cant guess anymore on that round.  Getting to the middle doesn't take forever which actually was a really lovely part of this game.  Plenty of opportunity for everyone to become a winner.  We all enjoyed playing Smart Ass and we all said that we would recommend it to others.   We played it as all adults but older children should be ok with it. 

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Mr & Mrs Game New EditionMr & Mrs Board Game - University Games  
  • A game for all partners, young and old
  • Based on the hit TV show All Star Mr & Mrs
  • Simple, fun and guaranteed to cause a lot of laughs
  • Includes questions tailored for children aged 10 and up
  • For 2 or more players

    Totz2teens Review:   I was so excited about getting this game to play as was my friend.  So we hatched a plan to bring our partners together and have an adult only game.  The instructions say that children can play too making it a family game.  The board game sadly is nothing like the TV programme.  It seems severely over complicated making this actually quite tricky to play.  We gave it our best shot but to be honest we ended up scrapping the rules and playing our own version.  The paddle game was very interesting.  You are each given a set of numbers as your paddles.  Sitting back to back we were offered up a question which we had to answer the same.  for example, how many coats do you own, When was the last time your partner bought you perfume.  They were funny.  Both couples were obviously well aware of each other although some errors in judgement resulted in some very strange looks and explanations.  Just the paddle game on its own would have given to a good game so it was a shame that as a whole Mr & Mrs wasnt the game I had hoped it would be.

    Totz2teens Rating:  2/5

Smart Trike with Sun Roof and Bag - Blue.Smart Trike Deluxe – Price £96.99 – Suitable from 10 Months through to 36 Months

  • Steel construction, especially strong and thick to ensure extra stability.
  • Textured rubber handle bars.
  • Rigid safety harness, removable at a later stage.
  • Press-out clutch for pedal power or free wheeling whilst the parent pushes, to prevent child's feet from injury.
  • Rubber strip on all wheels.
  • Foldaway, retractable footrest for the very young.
  • Rear rounded bucket.
  • Adjustable seat with safety belts.
  • Parent steerable push bar is easy to dismantle.
  • Detachable backrest and sunroof.
  • Weight of product 8.1kg.
  • For ages 10 months to 3 years.
  • Easy to assemble.

Totz2teens Review:  After putting the deluxe trike together we were eager to try it out.  Shame it was evening time and he was fast asleep - which was probably a good thing as it took as a little while to get it together.  It wasn't difficult to follow the instructions and we got there - just wanted to double and triple check we had done it right.  The trike is a solid trike with a nice metal construction with bright green plastic.  The set comes with a sun canopy and a bag too.  The sun canopy didnt really cope with a strong breeze very well but its a nice idea.  The bag was very handy when nipping to the shops.  The handle is really strong which we both liked as we felt that as our child grows but still needs this it will cope with his weight.  He loved the bucket on the back and continually filled this with all sorts of toys ready to be pushed around again.  We liked the way this trike will change with our son.  Its most certainly a great purchase it is very practical.  We loved the way that people seemed pleased to see him in the trike.  I think he felt a very big boy.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Mookie Smart TrikeSmart Trike 3 in 1 Steer & Grow  Price £52.99

The Smart Trike 3 in 1 is made with a full metal frame as well as an adjustable seat and seat belt, ideal for children from a young age.

3 in 1 push and play!

Ideal for young children of 10+, 15+ and 24+ months by adjusting and removing the push handle and feet supports. Use the adjustable seat and seat belt to secure your child and open out the folding foot rest for their feet.  Unlock the pedals so parents can push the Trike safely or lock the pedals so children can independently move forward and backward.  It runs along on three rubber wheels and is fitted with a removable steerable/adjustable parent handle.  The Smart Trike 3 in 1 is a versatile vehicle for young children to build their confidence and independence as they grow older.

Totz2teens Review: 
Brilliant.  Thank you so much for letting me and my son test out the Smart Trike Steer and Grow trike.  My son is 15 months old so I felt it would be perfect for him to try.  I was definately right.  We loved being able to push him along whilst he remained secure.  The foot rests are a great idea.  The trike is designed so well.  It seems so much is thought of and the quality of workmanship is superb.  Everything fits together well and is very robust.  We really liked the fact that you can stop the front pedals going around - much easier than 'normal' trikes.  He thoroughly enjoyed playing with this trike and Im sure it will make picking up his big brother from school so much easier too.  I am very confident that this will last the test of time and will be able to be adapted to the next stage when the time comes. 

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Peppa Pig Rock N RidePeppa Pig Rock 'n' Ride 5 in 1 Price £37.99

Peppa Pig Rock n Ride grows with your child.  A 5 in 1 rocker ride on and push-along toy with rocking base for younger children, parent handle, removable safety frame and footrests, play phone with dial and a horn.

Totz2teens Review:  This is ideal for 12 months plus.  You start with a unit that is really supportive both sides and back.  Then you can take the supporting frame off leaving the handle.  You can remove the handle when required.  This clever little ride then can become a walker too - so much fun.  I loved having the handle to use when my little boy would let me guide him LOL.  A very nice adaptable ride on toy which is good value as can be adapted for quite some time to give maximum use.  This is a sturdy, bright ride on toy.

Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Peppa Pig Scooter - Price £24.99Peppa Pig 3 Wheeled Scooter
  • 3 wheeled tubular frame scooter with blow moulded wheels, sturdy plastic extra grip footplate and easy grip handles.
  • Adult assembly / adult supervision required.
  • Weight restrictions 20kg.
  • Size (H)64-71, (W)48, (D)74 cm.
  • Made from coated steel, PVA plastic and rubber.
  • For ages 3 years and over.

    Totz2teens Review:  The scooter arrived and my daughter was very excited.  It took us a while to put it together although it wasnt difficult it certainly needed the instructions which were clear enough thankfully.  It has a nice sized foot plate which is great for the small feet using it.  The wheels are chunky allowing more stability too.  The Peppa Pig Logo made it perfect for any Peppa Pig fan and we all loved sticking the stickers on to this great first scooter.  Hours of fun.

    Totz2teens Rating:  5/5

Mookie - Peppa Pig Playground BallPeppa Pig Playground Ball Large – Price £14.99  - Suitable 2 years Plus

Totz2teens Review:  The Peppa Pig Ball is a fantastic size much bigger than a normal ball - it can be rolled on, sat on, thrown around.  It appears to be made of a really durable material which can be used on all surfaces.  The ball is fun to play with and we had great delight in bouncing on it whilst watching tv.  We also had a good game at throwing it at each other which was a bit vicious with the older children but the younger one (who is obviously the right age for it) had enormous fun whilst the others were out the way.  She loved that it has Peppa Pig on it too.  Definite hit.

Totz2teens Member Review:  4/5

Bendaroos™ are magical, flexible building sticks (available in rainbow, neon or glow in the dark) which offer a unique combination of moulding and construction and adhere to all surfaces but lift away without any mess.  

 Bendaroos™ can be made into 2D shapes and characters which you can use to decorate picture frames, ceramics, glass and other surfaces.  Alternatively why not make your own 3D models by twisting Bendaroos™ together or scrunching tinfoil to create large body shapes and then winding Bendaroos™ around before adding extra features and decoration.

The Theme Sets include instructions for three project levels - basic, intermediate and advanced – are available in a variety of themed assortments (Animals, Flowers & Butterflies, Fun Food and Creepy Crawlies) and contains lots of Bendaroos™ sticks in a selection of colours. Alternatively the Activity Pack is available in two themed assortments (Farmyard and Ocean) and contains lots of Bendaroos™, stencils and are also available in Neon colours.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, why not get your hands on the Mega Pack which has everything you need to get really creative – 400 Bendaroos in rainbow colours, stencils and a special cutting and joining tool for really neat finishes and make something truly unique.

Bendaroos™ are bursting with endless fun   RRP £4.99-£19.99   Target Age: 5-9 years   www.spinmastertoys.co.uk

Totz2teens Review: These strangely addictive wax strips are amazing.  Thin strips of waxy sticks are offered in different colours.  The Ocean Creatures set I tried had 9 colours and has 4 templates plus some more designs to copy in the instructions.  This really are fun to play with.  You can roll them around a pencil to create curls and then just straighten them back up again afterwards.  My son made the shark head and it now has pride of place on his shelf.  Although its not actually fiddly if you are following a template you need to concentrate a bit to get it right.  We found the benderoos interesting and we all reckon they make a good addition to a Christmas list!!!

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


 Glo Doodle™ is the first ever mess free drawing toy with a transparent surface which uses bright coloured light to draw and trace.  

 Kids can draw with three bright colours (red,green,yellow) during the day or night by using the special stylus on the re-useable drawing surface.   Trace over a picture or copy a portrait, play Noughts and Crosses or write messages, there’s no need for paper, markers or refills – you can even draw with a finger – and your artwork is automatically illuminated as you draw.

The image won’t fade but when you want to remove your picture, it instantly erases by the press of button, ready to start over again.

Its portable, sleek design means you can take it anywhere, anytime – day or night.

So illuminate your illustrations and get doodling!   RRP £19.99   Age: From 3+   www.spinmastertoys.co.uk

Totz2teens Review:  How clever is this?  I gave this to my daughter to play with.  She says its really cool.  The actual screen is clear so you can see anything underneath.  You can therefore copy and trace the item underneath.  We loved playing with the glodoodle.  As with the old etchasketch its always a shame that you cant keep your picture but it doesnt really matter.  We went on a long journey and took the glodoodle with us.  We played noughts and crosses and hangman with the glodoodle which proved great fun And we took it into the restaurant too and two of the children played with it very happily which meant we could eat and chat!!!  Its a great toy.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Paper Perfection!

You can design and build 2D and 3D creations without the use of heat, glue or mess!  You can peel off the adhesive paper from the template, stick the special Paperoni® paper rolls to it by following the coloured patterns and create imaginative animals, flowers, jewellery - then decorate them with the accessories to give them your own individual finish. 

Paperoni is available in assortments, the starter kit includes 250 multi-coloured Paperoni® pieces, 4 pre-printed self adhesive templates, foam pieces, gems and tweezers for you to create 2D a choice of Butterflies, Frogs, Puppies and Kittens and the three intermediate sets have everything you need to create cute 3D models of either a pig, monkey or elephant, while the variety pack contains a combination of both assortments and 900pieces of Paperoni® 

The Paperoni® Studio is the all-in-one cutting, storing and organizing workstation complete with 2D and 3D templates, over 900 Paperoni® pieces and everything required to make and create a myriad of masterpieces. 

RRP £4.99-£19.99   Ages: 4-8 years   www.spinmastertoys.co.uk

Totz2teens Review: My 10 year old and I had enormous fun creating the mouse and lion with the Paperoni.  The kit comes with the cutting machine - no batteries required which was nice.  The pack contains a good amount of the paper which is rolled up paper.  There are some smaller cut pieces already done and some eyes and jewels to add to the finished piece.  Patience is required as you need to use the tweezers to pop the cut paper onto the template you are using.  This was a bit tricky but not TOO difficult.  My younger son was only interested in the cutting of the paper and not actually making anything which was a shame but my daughter was happy to create her masterpieces.  She sat for ages making this and I would say it is excellent for those children that love something crafty to do.  I had a look and you can buy extra bits and pieces for this set which is great and Im sure my daughter will be wanting more.  There is still plenty in this lovely set for her to do some more creations.  At first I thought oh not much in the set but once you set to work WOW - it goes a long way.  Very surprising.  This is definately one of those things that kids love.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

Yo Gabba Gabba

It’s fun. It’s infectious and it’s creating a frenzy! 

 Yo Gabba Gabba™ is a fun, interactive music and dance tv programme which not only appeal to kids, but have established a cult following with DJ’s (Scott Mills – Radio 1), celebrities (Jack Black) and adults, Yo Gabba Gabba™ is quickly becoming one of the most popular new preschool shows, and loved by a whole new generation of parents drawn to its pop culture appeal and simple yet important life lessons, whilst encouraging kids and parents to dance and sing along. 

Children will love the soft Plush Pals, wiggly jiggly Silly Heads which bounce uncontrollably and whilst the Songs and Sounds Plush are activated by squeezing the hand and feature one character song and three voice clips, the ultimate Dancing Brobee sings and dances by pressing his foot, waves his arms in the air in time to the music and tells you ‘you were awesome’!   Alternatively you can ‘Jam with the Gang’ on the Groovin’ Guitar, whilst strumming along in time to one of the five character songs.

 Yo Gabba Gabba™ is currently showing on T4 on Saturdays and Nick Jr Daily.

 RRP £5.99-£34.99   Age: 2+

Gab 'n' Sing Brobee
Squeeze his hand and Gab 'n' Sing Brobee talks and sings.  He sings There's a Party in My Tummy!! and says lots of phrases all at random. 

Totz2teens Member Review:

Brobee is the green stripey character and is so so so incredibly soft.  I found myself continually stroking him so I know that ANY child will be very pleased to have him.  He has 3 horns on his head and a beautifully embroidered mouth.  The quality is fantastic Even to the detail of his monobrow!  Pressing the hand produces some fabby Yo Gabba songs and phrases.  - All absolutely suitable for any Yo Gabba fans so you can Boogie on down with Brobee.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5

Muno's Groovin' Guitar     £19.99
Munu loves to play.  And now, you can play Muno!  With 10 of your favourite Yo Gabba Gabba songs, you'll be a rock star.  Or at least a Muno Star! 

Totz2teens Member Review: A perfectly sized guitar with lots of buttons to be pressed by your youngster.  Muno's eye is pressable offering a variety of different sounds some guitar related.  There are a set of buttons with each Yo Gabba Gabba character giving us the pleasure of their little songs and sounds.  Very groovy sounds to dance to and pretend you are a rock star.  The guitar is made well and seems quite robust.  My young son was able to walk around with it without damage to the guitar.  I think this would make a fantastic birthday/Christmas present for a niece or nephew.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5



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