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We all have to manage our households.  One important factor is financial.  We at totz2teens like to help make life a little easier by offering a selection of products - therefore you haven't got to go hunting and can spend more time chatting on the forum.

Watch the helpful financial advise Web TV programme HERE


We are all well aware of the impending 'credit crunch'.  The price of groceries being one that we know concerns the majority of Totz2teens Members.  As ever we are here to help.  We have found a fantastic site that helps compare the prices in the leading supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda & Ocado (Waitrose).  We recommend saving as much money as you can so why not give it a bash.  You can sign up and compare a basic shop and then buy from the cheapest one for you at that time.  I think its really helpful and well worth trying out.

If you are trying to feed your family more organic produce.  Why not take up the challenge and have  
Car Insurance

Breakdown Cover

To get quotes and support totz2teens if you purchase please see all supporting insurance companies HERE


Gas & Electricity Suppliers
Throughout the year it is worth just checking to make sure that your supplier is giving you a good deal.  Using the comparison sites allows you to be in control of your finances and makes sure you are not overspending where it simply isnt necessary.

Rising Gas & Electricity prices!

Appliance Care
For Peace of mind you can cover your kitchen appliances for parts and labour. Saves having to worry how to afford the bill when the washing machines decides to pack up
Heating & Hot Water Care
If your boiler is going to break down you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be when the winter has set in or you were really looking forward to that satisfying soak in the bath.  Getting your Central Heating system serviced is also usually part of the deal with system care.  Most have optional extensions that will cover your cold water plumbing and even electrics. 
House Insurance
To get a great quote and support totz2teens please have a look here for a good deal   - Click HERE
Clearing out the clutter
As the children grow up and your tastes change its great to start to clear out the rooms so maybe its time to get your family some money.  If the child is small you could just save the money popping it into premium bonds in the hope they will receive some extra money from it.  If its yourself and you really are not going to miss the extra cash then pop it away ready for a holiday.  You never know you may even be able to have enough for that trip of a lifetime!!!!!
There are many ways to declutter your house. Apart from filling landfill you will be surprised as to how thankful someone else may be for your no longer needed items.  
If the weather is ok why not try doing a car boot sale.  This usually means an early start and really if you have a family its best if one adult goes and the children ect come along later (with a set amount they are allowed to spend).  Fill your car up, use a pasting table and sell your wares.  Remember a flask and a sandwich its a long day.
Advertising in the local newspapers is an easy way - many have internet sites and you can type in your ad, see when its going to be advertised and await the calls.  This is useful for large items.
The internet has a growing number of auction sites.  You can register and sell your items.  This means that a large number of the public can see your item and bid.  You can also sell your item for a flat price.  You add postage to the cost. To check postage costs royal mail have a postage calculator which is very useful.

If you dont feel you want to sell your items why not still pass it on to someone who will come and collect it from you.  Freecycle is a growing way to pass on used goods.  However small or insignificant the chances are someone will want it.  The idea was set up to try and discourage items from entering the landfill sites.
Now not technically de cluttering but all of the above are fabulous ways of buying cheaper goods.  Children grow out of clothes very quickly so don't get worn out, toys of any quality will last at least a few children and it is very satisfying to know that you can sell them again for approximately the same as you have paid.  In my mind it makes sense.
This is a great site to get prices and find out the route of a train.  It also will let you know if you have connections to make.  Great site.
Having a will is really one of the most important things you do.  It isnt something that should be put off.  If you want a particular person to be responsible for your children if you or your partner were to die then this is where you would do it.  I can't stress enough how important it is.



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