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Live Children’s Fashion Show

Log on to the live and exclusive children’s fashion show for advice on the latest kids fashion trends 

Show date: Friday 12th April

Show time: 12.45pm

As the daughter of a Spice Girl turned-designer and famous footballer Dad, it's not surprising that Harper Beckham is always dressed in the best. And with Romeo Beckham turning to modelling and Suri Cruise constantly being pictured in stylish outfits, it seems that fashion is very much on the agenda when it comes to kids’ attire.

But just as we indulge in our own personal shopping therapy, it seems that we now invest as much time and effort in our children’s wardrobe as we do in our own. 

So are the days of hand me downs long gone? Do you spend hours picking out the perfect outfit for your little one? And do you spend more on your child’s designer items than your own? Well if you’ve answered yes, it seems you’re not alone, as new research commissioned by Start-rite Shoes reveals just how much we spend on our children looking and feeling good.  

Nevertheless, choosing the right outfit from their jackets to their shoes is something that can often result in us traipsing around the shops for hours!  

So, luckily for you, we are streaming a live and exclusive children’s fashion show from Bluewater shopping centre bought to you by Start-rite Shoes, which you can watch from the comfort of your own home without having to run around the shops.  

And to get some further inspiration for your little ones, an industry expert will be taking us through the latest trends for your kids, so your children can look comfortable and stylish throughout 2013.

Join us live online on http://www.facebook.com/StartriteShoes and http://www.youtube.com/user/Startriteshoes on Friday 12th April.

Click here to submit questions before the show.

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